Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results: Sandy Leads, Tharshan Jumps to Second Position on Day 4 of Audience Voting!


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 gears up for its eighth elimination this weekend. Since today is Day 60 in Tamil Season 3, with just 40 days left, this is one of the most crucial eliminations of this season.

Sandy, Tharshan, Cheran and Kasthuri are nominated for the eighth elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Will Kasthuri Make a Comeback or Is It Too Late?

A lot of speculations were made about the elimination of one of “The Boys” group members of which Sandy was the weakest link. Surprisingly, Sandy leads the amount of votes received among the four contestants facing elimination. This comes in as a crude shock for the audience who were routing for elimination this week. However, the votes for Sandy suggest a different story.


Cheran was in second position until yesterday. However, Tharshan is taking a slender lead on the early hours of Day 4. While Sandy, Cheran and Mugen are pretty close to each other in terms of the number of votes, Kasthuri is trailing by a huge margin.

Kasthuri’s performance in the teacher – student task was dismal. Cheran played his role pretty well. However, Kasthuri melted the hearts of her fellow contestants and audience while speaking about ‘Who is the most memorable teacher for each contestant’. Kasthuri spoke about her daughter who is suffering from cancer at a very young age with a terminal illness. Kasthuri’s speech was matured and emotionally moving. This won her a lot of hearts for her past and genuineness. However, the big question is whether it is too late.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Count for the Eighth Elimination Day 4 – (As of Today)

Kasthuri – 55723 votes

Cheran – 180126 votes

Tharshan – 182636 votes

Sandy – 198397 votes

Will Kasthuri be saved miraculously or will it be the end of the road for some other contestant? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.


    • Yes agreed. I can’t understand why TN people not supporting a person who help the community. TN people more consent for entertainer like Sandy, Tharshan and Kavin than people who really go to the field and outreached the people in needs. Show some mercy. “I am the daughter of a cancer victim, mother to a cancer survivor. Their struggle & strength inspired me to start #ManuMission, which works with pediatric patients. On #worldcancerday, MANU MISSION thanks all our doctors & donors, and wishes our cancer warriors a healthy future !”

      • She is a role model for a lot of us.

        During her school days, she is an all-rounder where she participates in many competitions like singing, dance and quiz. Moreover, she is the state level hockey champion during his school days, with that, she is one of the active members of National Cadet Corps and also the RD cadet in air force wing. Then she participated in a popular quiz show Master Mind India that was hosted by Siddhartha Basu in the year 2000. Once before she enters into the film industry she worked as a model and she won the title Miss Madras in the year 1992. Then in the year 1994, she participated in Miss India contest.Most literate person to enter Bigg boss show.

        Mother, a fighter.. of course she not perfect but much much better than all the other contestants.. progressive attitude.. extremely creative

  1. BB 3 is nowhere compared to BB 1 & BB2! However contestants are trying their best to get into the finals. I wonder how Sherine could be sent for public voting! So far she has escaped but its up to the contestants to nominate her. How & Why is in their hands. I wonder why she went and asked pardon from Vanitha for not taking her side at yesterday’s School issue. She told Kamal sir that she listens to everyone but arrives at her own conclusions , and decisions. In that case why this drama!

  2. Kasthuri spoke about her daughter who passed away at a very young age with a terminal illness??? I think this is not true. Please verify. Thank you

  3. It’stoo late to save Kasthuri, poor lady. She is not an impressive performer. At the\
    sametime please apprise why the aaalready eliminated provocative lady Vanitha
    re=entered into the picture, is it a wildcard entry. Under what are the qualities
    she reappeared?

  4. Her daughter is very much alive. She’s a cancer survivor. Please stop spreading fake news. Verify your content before you post such things

  5. Cheran is not active involvement in the BB task. He is maintaining a distance with other housemates as he was a director. He is not genuine and partiality attitude with certain housemates. Also, he is not a impressive performer. He should be eliminated.

  6. Sandy should go this week so that the boys will contribute properly in the event….
    Kasturi never talked about her daughter and Tarshan is in second place.
    My second suggestion is Kavin because Losliya is trying to woo him again and concentrating on how to take care of his feelings without thinking of the game.

    • I respect cheran vry much but his involvements r less espcly in tass. hez jst a naduvar in most tasks-shud involve in more psysical tasks. doing work…scrubbing d floor…cleaning bathroom is not gud enuf 2win bb3. vj tv is being biased….

  7. I vote for kasthuri, may b she s not entertained us because she suffered a lot in her life, so she knows that this s a game not a life, I know she is very much interested in society, in that house all the guys are rise their voice only in house but kasthuri s not like that she will give her voice for truth in society, your daughter will be recovered soon, I pray for u, stand and win kasthuri.

  8. losliya & Kavin spoiled the whole show. Other house mates are not able to make their turns. Worst of all kavin, he totally waste.. Day by day with the gang he spoils the show. They coordinate and do nominations. isnt it bad or not?

    • yes 4sure he wil b saved. we don’t hv 2wait 4votes…vj tv wil find ways 2 save sandy..kavin..cheran. he alviz gets naduvar posn in tasks. tats easy. its unfair fr many ppl but tis is reality.

  9. if they win fairly in physical tasks n etc…its fair but ppl hv 2 decide. but I don’t understd voters…tey r also vry biased .cheran gets easy tasks-naduva only and yet tey feel hez d best n saves him. less involvements..less interactions wt hsemates…suppresses anger but afraid 2voice agst Vanitha but tries 2voice out in grp arguments only. smart game play.

  10. kavin mela entha thappu illa avana ala vachi vedikapakathinga nalla enjoy pani game vilaiyaduranga only five members tha game vilaiyaduranga yarlanu keta kavin sandy tharsan losliya mugin matha yarum olunga illa cheran vanitha vayathula muthavangana avanga game olunga vilaiyadala so waste kavin velila pona naanga biggboss pakamatom nalla vilaiyaduravangala velila anupa mudiyathu so kavin poga kudathu


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