Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results: Captaincy Might Save Cheran, Kasthuri Struggles for Votes on Day 5 of Audience Voting!!

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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 gears up for its eighth elimination this weekend. Since today is Day 61 in Tamil Season 3, with just 39 days left, this is one of the most crucial eliminations of this season.

Sandy, Tharshan, Cheran and Kasthuri are nominated for the eighth elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Will  Captaincy Save Cheran This Week?

Cheran was nominated as the captain after winning this week’s captaincy task. Losliya, Sandy and Cheran fought out a task of luck and Cheran won it. Cheran was juggling around the second and third spot in the audience votes count. He was likely to be saved this week. However, his role of a captain ensures safety this week.


Kasthuri’s Dismal Performances Continue!

Kasthuri failed to impress with her performances in the tasks on Day 61. She was consistently pulling her team down in the team tasks, especially the Nippon Paint task. Her votes count has the widest gap now between the last two contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 so far. If at all a miracle happens for Kasthuri, it has to happen now.


Sandy and Tharshan are cruising ahead in the audience votes count tally. Tharshan’s display of arrogance and rift with Sherin might dent his votes count but for this week, the Boys group can smile and sing around.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Audience Votes Count for the Eighth Elimination Day 5 – (As of Today)

Kasthuri – 74236 votes

Cheran – 199453 votes

Tharshan – 222635 votes

Sandy – 213654 votes

Do you think Kasthuri deserves another week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Vanitha is a rogue element and doesn’t know how to respect others, because of which she is getting trolled. Big Boss brought her back inspite of eviction from public. She was never mentioned wild card entry rather entered as a guest. She is not qualified to be there and this action only angers of the public. Only boldness is not enough, needs to be sensible and respectful, without which she can never be respected.

  2. Why they brought back vanitha
    Already voted out by public?
    Then why they are asking to vote
    The public
    No respect for the audience
    What Kamal is doing there
    He thinks the audience are idiots


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