Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Updates: The Real Reason Behind Madhumita’s Eviction Revealed?

madhumitha evicted bigg boss tamil 3

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is a massive hit among the masses with an average of 50 lakh viewers per day. This huge hit is attributed to the numerous controversies, fights and drama which is found in abundance this season. Apart from the usual Bigg Boss issues, this season saw a lot of controversies which is still unanswered.

Though the audience are gripped to the daily drama in the house, Madhumitha’s eviction from the house last week still remains a mystery for the masses.

vijay tv madhumitha suicide attempt

“Madhumitha’s Reason for Eviction Was Not Suicide, It Was Something Deeper”

Popular reporting establishments claimed Madhumita’s escalated fights with fellow contestants in the “men using women” controversy affected her emotionally. Hence, she attempted suicide and set a bad example for the audience which includes millions of youngsters. This was the reason which was widely reported but was never discussed or aired in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 show till date.

madhumita bigg boss tamil 3

Madhumitha’s Helo App Task Triggered Tensions?

Sources in the production team and popular Youtubers are now revealing the real reason for Madhumita’s eviction. During the Helo App task, each contestant was supposed to make an high impact video which brings out their talents or interests. Abirami was the winner of the task.

Interestingly, Madhumita’s video was not telecast though she was in the house. The reason behind the cover up is now revealed. Madhumita brings up the long standing Cauvery water dispute. Sherin, her fellow contestant from Karnataka protested against Madhumita for bringing up a sensitive topic in a reality show which has a huge impact. Reportedly, the Bigg Boss also asked her to talk about something else but Madhumita stood her ground. She possessed the image of a contestant who will speak up for the interest of the Tamils and she probably wished to win the task as this topic would have high impact.

However, things turned ugly for Madhumita after the task as all the fellow contestants except for Kasthuri and Cheran ganged up against her. This affected Madhumita emotionally and she decided to end her life.

Audience Want Vijay TV To Clarify, Fight Rumors Professionally

Amidst growing speculations and rumors, the audience is disappointed about Vijay TV’s silence regarding this issue. This comes in a time when Vijay TV filed a complaint against Madhumita for allegedly attempting suicide and blaming the channel.

Bigg Boss is designed for testing a contestant emotionally and psychologically and Madhumita fell for the game. Was it right for her to bring up a sensitive topic? Was it right for her fellow Tamil contestants to gang up against her? Let us know in the comments below..

Disclaimer: The content in this post is based on popular reports and insider news.


  1. This is not a suicidal attempt. If it was a suicidal attempt she would have cut or slash her neck or stabbed her chest or stomach. This happened on the spur of the moment when some contestants used uncivilized language on her. She was a religious-minded person and a devotee of Lord Shiva. As such it is difficult to believe that she attempted suicide having been married. There is a news item that she had the most number of votes than the rest in an unprecedented manner which has to ne clarified. Moreover, the Cauvery issue is not a political issue and was in no way intended to offend contestants from Karnataka. It was a social issue intended solely for the benefits a community and was also a plea to Lord Varuna for rain. Madhumitha’s freedom of opinion should not be deprived of since it is her constitutional right. She should be given a fair hearing. In my view Vijay TV organizers have failed to take adequate measures to settle it peacefully. Justice should not only be done but manifestly seem to be done.

  2. BB should clarify both Madhumitha and Saravanan case openly instead of sweeping under the carpet…….I’m beginning to despise BB as it is not playing the game fairly…..Vanitha given wild card?Then why have elimination weekly?

  3. BB should clarify both Madhumitha and Saravanan case openly instead of sweeping under the carpet…….I’m beginning to despise BB as it is not playing the game fairly…..

  4. Actually that gang of 5 and others cornered madhu…. It’s madhu opinion to tell whatever she thinks…. This is not an issue to sherin… Simply gang waiting for topic to eating madhus head… Finally it happened….vanitha just fired the match stick…. Fire was spreaded like amazon fire…. Bb should telecast the problem happened with madhu and others… Then only we can decide


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