Bigg Boss Tamil 3 September 9 Updates:”I Had to Undergo Gang Harassment” Evicted Contestant Madhumita’s Interview Makes Shocking Allegations About Bigg Boss Contestants


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is filled with controversies both inside and outside the house. The eviction of Tamil comedian actress Madhumita created a lot of ripples among the audience who questioned the integrity of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 makers.

The real reason for Madhumitha’s eviction was not revealed on the show but reports revealed that Madhumitha attempted suicide inside the house which resulted in her eviction.

vijay tv madhumitha suicide attempt

However, the comedian’s real reason was never revealed and her issue died out with time. Also, Madhumitha was not allowed to host any press conferences or interviews because of which she filed a police complaint against the makers of Bigg Boss.

What Was the Outcome of Madhumitha’s First Official Interview Post Eviction?

Madhumitha made some shocking allegations against the contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Madhumita accused the contestants of ‘gang harassment’ and ragging. However, specific contestants were not named. From the look of things, she is most probably pointing her fingers on “The Boys” group, without officially revealing their names. She clarified that Cheran and Kasthuri were the only ones who supported her.

Real Reason For Madhumita’s Eviction?

Madhumita revealed her real reason for eviction from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. She mentioned that her poem in the ‘Helo app task’ regarding the God of Rain failing to bless Tamil Nadu but doing the opposite to Karnataka.

madhumitha evicted bigg boss tamil 3

Madhumita cited terrific opposition from Tamil contestants as well for reciting this poem and she was issued an official warning for inciting politics. She alleged that eight contestants cornered her with trolls and abuses which led her to self inflict damage and hence, she slit her wrist. She adds that she was ragged even when she was bleeding profusely.

Madhu requested Kamal to watch the entire happenings before taking a call on the issue and also her to get justice.


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