Bigg Boss Tamil 3 September 7 Breaking News: Tharshan’s Girlfriend Sanam Shetty Breaks Up With Him Through A Video!


Tharshan and Sherin’s relationship fiasco escalated to a new level after Vanitha’s escalation of the happenings in the house. During the episode on Day 74, Vanitha called Tharshan and Sherin’s relationship ‘an affair’. Sherin was flabbergasted at her accusation and was shattered at the accusations made against her. Though she clarified that Sherin and Tharshan were just friends, Vanitha quoted Tharshan’s girlfriend outside the house and stated that

Sanam Shetty was in tears in the recent video released by her. Sanam Shetty congratulated Tharshan’s journey for 75 days in the house. She narrated the incident in house where Vanitha and Sherin fought for the Tharshan relationship issue. Sanam’s name was muted during the episode. Sanam did not use Sherin’s name in the initial phase of the video. Sanam added that a source close to her suggested that her interview to a popular Tamil news website was being used against Tharshan while this relationship issue with Sherin flared up. Sanam says she was shattered by the outcome of her interviews. Her intentions were to boost up Tharshan’s confidence with her interviews which were supposedly for his encouragement.

“I have always wished and worked for Tharshan’s welfare. When I am considered as an obstacle to Tharshan’s journey to success, I’m deeply hurt”, says Sanam Shetty. Sanam says Tharshan has to clarify a lot of things once he is out of the house. “People are talking high about Sherin and Tharshan’s love story and I am being targeted and accused without any reason. I have become a villain now. You people wanted me to leave Tharshan. Just because I am not in Bigg Boss, it does not mean I do not have feelings.”, said Sanam Shetty.

A lot of people have accused me of finding fame from my Tharshan’s relationship and that I’m jealous of Sherin.


Video Courtesy: Behindwoods

Sanam Shetty broke down in deep tears when she said that all her followers felt that she should leave Tharshan. “People feel I might stop them from winning the title. I am sorry Sherin and Tharshan , I am no longer in your life anymore. I will be loving Tharshan from the bottom of my heart for the rest of my life”.

I will not talk to Tharshan even after he comes out of the house. Tharshan is now the sweetheart of the Bigg Boss house and has become a public property. I am nothing compared to the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

My family has been deeply hurt in the last 75 days because of the happenings in the house.

Sanam Shetty thanked actor Simbu for his kindness and support during her tough days in this ordeal with Tharshan.

“Please do not use my Instagram account to spread hatred against me”. were Sanam Shetty’s closing comments on the video.

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  1. If Sanam really loves Tharsan she should standby him instead of making a drama of things
    Love is Trust and not playing into the hands of Vanitha
    Nobody need to give a certificate for Tharsan

    • I don’t think tharshan is in love with sherin and dharshan will come back to u don’t care who tells what u just be as u are ur interviews were really were ur good u spoke so positive minded just bcoz vanitha made a drama it does not mean u should breakup with tharshan

  2. This is drama from outside to influence public! Unbelievable how these guys resort to such things. In the whole Vanitha vs Sherin thing, Sherin has been fighting to prove that she is not in an affair with Tharshan and that she respects Sanam’s relationship with Tharshan. Now Sanam comes out and says she is breaking up with Tharshan? Because of what? Her name is being dragged in this? Is that how you treat love/romance? Cant wait for Tharshan to come out of the show and have a chat with him? If she is going through with this breakup, she never loved Tharshan in the first place and is doing all this for drama. She is also getting her shot at fame by this stunt.

  3. Drama queen, right from the begining she wanted to get fame from the interview That she gave. Now also she is trying to get sympathy with her tears.

  4. Sanam you r lucky to get a person like Darshan. I watch Bigg Boss regularly n I fail to understand why people think Darshan is having an affair. It is not true at all. Darshan is playing the game very well n I wish he wins the title.

  5. You guys deserve to be together, both rewards one another. We would love to see you join hands. Just don’t make any drastic decisions. All i could say some are jealous on your situation. Just calm down and sort things out once Tharshan comes out. You make a good couple.
    Just stay out of Social media and interviews until Tharshan comes out. Tharshan is very loyal guy and trust worthy, If you truly love him just wait for him to come out. Based on the interviews you had provided previously it showed that you were very strong women. So don’t let your hopes down too soon.


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