Bigg Boss Tamil 3 September 23 Shocking Twist In Final Elimination Nominations: Who Took the Green Chilli Bite to Save Which Contestant?

sandy or kavin who is right

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completes its 92nd day and the elimination nominations will take place for the last time this season. Cheran was the latest eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. The golden ticket to finale winner Mugen is safe from eliminations this week.

How Did the Elimination Nominations Take Place?

Bigg Boss called the contestants to the secret room. Each contestant had to eat a green chilli to save one contestant.

losliya eating chilly bigg boss

Sherin saves Tharshan and Sandy

Tharshan saves Sherin and Sandy

Kavin saves Losliya

Mugen saves Tharshan, Sherin and Sandy

Losliya saves Kavin and Sandy

Sandy saves Kavin and Losliya

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination Nomination Shocking Twist

Bigg Boss revealed a shocking twist after the contestants ate the green chillis to save their favorite contestants. Bigg Boss revealed that all the contestants except Mugen were nominated for eliminations this week!

Hence, Sherin, Tharshan, Kavin, Losliya and Sandy are nominated for this week’s elimination.

Which Contestant Will Be The Final Elimination of Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Vote Now To Save Your Favorite Contestant

Who is Your Favorite Contestant To Enter the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Finale?



Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Missed call voting

To protect your favorite housemate from elimination, it is prerequisite to vote for him/ her by using the phone number mentioned here. Each Bigg Boss Tamil Vote sums because the one who has less voting will be sent out of the house at the end of the week. Here is the list of people who are in the house and got nominated for this week. Find your favorite contestant voting and make your vote count by following Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. To vote any contestant through phone, just give a missed call to the mobile numbers disclosed here. Each One is assigned with a unique number.
To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

Contestant NameProfessionStatusMissed Call Number
Vote For LosliyaSrilankan NewsreaderIn House836 7796 805
Vote For CheranDirectorIn House836 7796 802
Vote For Fathima BabuActressEliminated836 7796 803
Vote For Kavin RajActressIn House836 7796 804
Vote For Abhirami VenkatachalamActorEliminated836 7796 801
Vote For MadhumithaActressEliminated836 7796 806
Vote For SaravananActorEliminated836 7796 812
Vote For Vanitha Vijay KumarActressEliminated836 7796 817
Vote For Sherin ShringarActressIn House8367796813
Vote For Sakshi AgarwalModel and ActressEliminated836 7796 810
Vote For Mohan VaidhyaSingerEliminated836 7796 807
Vote For SaravananActorEliminated836 7796 812
Vote For SandyChoreographerIn House8367796811
Vote For Mugen RaoSinger and actorIn House8367796808
Vote For Reshma PasupuletiModel and actressEliminated836 7796 809
Vote For Meera MithunActressEliminated836 7796 816


How to Vote For Your Favorite Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestant Online This Week?

1 – Download the Hotstar app to take part in the voting procedure for audience voting in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
2 – Login to the page using your e-mail account, phone number or any social media account. (If not, you have to sign up and create your Hotstar account)
3 – Click on the Bigg Boss Tamil banner or if you are unable to find it, type Bigg Boss Tamil in the search bar.
4 – Click on the ‘Vote’ button
5 – Find the names of the contestants who are facing elimination test this week.
6 – You will get 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. You can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among your favorite nominated contestants.

Who will be eliminated in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this week? Let us know in the comments below.




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