Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Salaries of Each Contestant Per Episode Revealed! Vanitha and Cheran are the Highest Paid Contestants?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is a huge hit in terms of the TRPs. With a whopping viewership of 50 Lakh (5 Million) viewers per episode, this season is a bigger success compared to the last season.

This season’s theme is a right mixture of boys group unity which symbolizes friendship and fun, romance and heartbreaks, fights and controversies inside and outside the house. Shocking evictions and unanswered controversies is not deterring viewership by any means.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Contestant Salaries Updated As Of Episode 63

From undisclosed sources, The News Crunch has gathered some confidential information regarding the salaries paid to each contestant as per the contractual agreement for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

Vanitha Vijayakumar is the highest paid constestant with a whopping INR 220,000 per episode. It is reported that Vanitha was paid INR 125,000 per episode before her re-entry into the house.

Kasthuri stayed for a short stint of 17 days and received a whopping INR 100,000 per episode.

Cheran is the next highest paid contestant with a salary of INR 90,000 per episode. It is rumored that Cheran took an advance allowance for agreement signing which is INR 10,00,000.

Saravanan and Madhumita were controversially evicted from the house and it is reported that they were paid INR 60,000 per episode.

Kavin, Tharshan, Mugen and Losliya receive a sum of INR 35,000 per episode.

Sherin and Sandy are senior contestants and are treated slightly higher than the rest of the Boys group. They receive a sum of INR 45,000 per episode.



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