Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Official News: Mugen Rao is the Winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 3! Exclusive Picture of Mugen With Trophy Leaked

bigg boss 3 winner mugen

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 has an official winner. Mugen Rao lived up to the popular expectations to clinch the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

The News Crunch audience voting poll reports suggested victory for Mugen Rao, runner position for Sandy. 

Mugen Rao’s fan account on Instagram, mugenraoarmyofficial shared his picture with the trophy.

The entire News Crunch team takes this opportunity to congratulate Mugen Rao and his fans on this amazing victory in Bigg Boss Tamil 3!


  1. Kavin, even though he has his part of his person emotional story.. he was not an honest man. He doesn’t know what he wants and don’t know how to respect people’s feelings. He don’t deserve the game changer award.


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