Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Mugen Rao’s Song Videos on Sandy’s Fictional Character ‘Power Paati’ Goes Viral, Exclusive Videos Revealed


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is entering its final days and the contestants are fighting hard to win the title. The Boys Group in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 have entertained the audience to a great extent. Mugen, Sandy, Tharshan and Kavin are very creative when it comes to creating songs on bizarre situations which happened in the house.

Mugen Rao deserves as special mention when it comes to music composing. Sandy is a very humorous character and in the last few days, he began narrating stories about his fictional character, ‘Power Paati’.

Sandy’s fictional character called ‘Power Paati’ has superpowers and his funny story narration has won him a lot of accolades. Mugen Rao decided to use his musical prowess to compose songs on Sandy’s fictional character, ‘Power Paati’. Mugen Rao’s Power Paati songs were released by a group on social media called BiggBoss_unseen_vidzz.

These videos are now trending on social media and other platforms. Sandy and Mugen’s fans are in love with the concept of Power Paati and songs made for it.

Mugen and Sandy Compose ‘Power Paati’ Songs

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