Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Finalist Sherin Shringar’s Selfie Video Leaked!


Sherin Shringar is of the most popular contestants during and after Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Sherin started off with her Bigg Boss journey on a very popular note. She was loved among the contestants as well as her fans. Sherin was attracted to Tharshan and the duo shared some amazing chemistry during the season. Sherin’s relationship with Tharshan was blown out of proportions which disturbed her emotionally.

Over the period of time, Sherin gained a lot of fan base and eventually entered the finals of Bigg Boss Tamil which surprised many. However, her journey beyond Bigg Boss Tamil has been amazing. Sherin’s still getting the attention even after months of Bigg Boss Tamil 3’s grand finale.

Sherin has a massive following on Instagram with more than 644k followers. Her following is steadily increasing by the day. Sherin has turned a lot of eyes for her stunning and super hot photoshoots. Her recent traditional attire photoshoot was a viral sensation on social media.

Is Sherin Becoming a DJ?

Recently, Sherin posted a selfie video on her Instagram feed. Her fans were excited to see a selfie video from Sherin after a longtime. Apparently, Sherin is the official DJ for Mirchi Neon Run which is going to take place in Chennai on the 23rd of November 2019. Sherin is evidently excited about her new role as a DJ and her fans cannot wait to see her groove. Mirchi Neon Run 2019 is scheduled to take place in the Ascendas Tech Park, Taramani.

The official ticket booking partners for the event is and

Are you excited to see Sherin take up the role of a DJ? Let us know in the comments below.



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