Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination Voting Results September 8: Cheran Will Be Eliminated This Week and Sent to Secret Room?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 gears up for its elimination weekend. Kavin, Mugen, Losliya, Cheran and Sherin are nominated for eliminations this week. The inclusion of Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi and Abirami might be a game changer for the rest of the season in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. While Vanitha promotes individuality, the Boys group strives to hold their pack together until the finals.
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This week’s elimination voting results for Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is still inconclusive as Cheran and Sherin are battling it out to save themselves from the final spot in terms of audience voting numbers.

Sherin vs Cheran – Cheran Loses the Battle By a Whisker? 

Cheran is likely to be eliminated this week as his attention in the house is reducing by the day. He is not getting enough screen time though his points and ability to tackle issues is still at par with his past behavior.

bigg boss 3 tamil vanitha vs sherin

Sherin might save herself by a whisker this week. Though her attitude in dealing with house related tasks is dismal, she might have done enough to gain the sympathy of the audience. From being a strong contender for the title, Sherin has stooped down to a level where she has to save herself from elimination.

Will Cheran Be Sent to the Secret Room?

After a scintillating showdown between Cheran and Sherin, reports suggest that Cherin will face the bullet this week. However, the secret room factor might come in to play today. It is reported that Cheran will be sent to the secret room post elimination announcement. Based on Bigg Boss’ instructions, Cheran will be sent into the secret room and has his headphones on. The room outside possesses red, yellow and green lights.

However, it is unclear if Cheran might emerge successful and go back into the house after the secret room ordeal.

Do you think Cheran deserves to be eliminated in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Cheran need to go as he don’t have any skills too. He talk about honest but he’s not the honest plus no need secret room for him cause others reserve than cheran.please don’t look at him as directed n we have to respect n this that…pls don’t take care n care him with high respect which is he never shows here. A lot times silent n play safe game only. But he told everybody before come in. I will teach the youngest generation n good news all must spread ….But he never do like that…I feel he’s time out…pls send him away…he also play game by cheating. He also stab back n talk back people..always pointing mugen n judging wrongly too..But never nominate the proper person. I feel he’s shadow

    • What about Losliya, who’s a cunning Jaffanese. She doesn’t even deserve to have come in to BB house. Sorry, Cheran is playing an honest game considering his age. Is Kavin such a good soul, playing with women’s emotions while forgetting himself and the multiple problems behind him. Sandy is playing a safe game, can’t you see it. Mugen has bad character and disrespectful of others. Sherin is as cunning as she can be. So why target Cheran. I think he’s a good man.

      • Macho “Doink”..

        Your comment itself show how immature in judging people’s character.. Cheran isn’t doing much when he is most in need by the rest to stand against Vanitha. Calling Losliyaa cunning person isn’t a right thing. Here, I am not saying Cheran as a bad person but of a person with weaker personality that most expecting.

  2. Cheran does not behave like matured person most of the time. If some one dances, he comments that he should participate Jodi dance competition or if some one sings, he feels that he should go to Super singer contest.
    Because he can’t sing or dance, he doesn’t like others to do so. The reason he gives is Bigg boss house is not for singing or dancing. He says Bigg boss house is to portray life. He fails to understand that singing and dancing are parts of human life. That’s why he keeps songs in His movies and dance accompanies songs.
    He is becoming jealous. It’s better he goes to the secret room and come back as a changed person.

  3. Cheran is good and no longer okay kavin losliya mugin darshan sandy all of them are eligible anyway cheran sir leave the biggboss that is right decison please leave the biggboss

  4. Cheran needs to stay as simple basics ..there will be no balance in the game . Also the Kavin, Losliya , Sandy & Mugen don’t realise they are going to be battled into emotional figthing to be on the top ..this is actually going to cause a backfire to the 4 of them as the true colors will come out .


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