Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination Vote Results September 29: Tharshan to Be Eliminated This Week?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is set for its final elimination of the season this week. The suspense and drama related to the eviction is yet to settle. However, the fight is getting tougher by the day. Every contestant in the house except for Mugen Rao was nominated for eliminations this week.

Kavin decided to walk out Bigg Boss Tamil 3 with a prize money of INR 5 Lakhs. Kavin’s fans were frustrated with his decision. While a section of his fans supported his sacrificing attitude, the audience were disappointed overall.

How Did the Elimination Fight Turn From Sherin to Tharshan?

Ever since the final eight contestants were present in the house, Sherin was in danger. The last week’s evictions saw Cheran’s exit. The fight between Sherin and Cheran was fierce battle and Sherin won it. Sherin was phenomenal in her Ticket to finale tasks. However, she failed to make enough impact to put herself on top of the audience voting results.

According to the News Crunch poll results, Sherin, Tharshan and Sandy were up for a very close fight. Kavin was leading the audience voting as usual but it went in vain. Losliya managed to make the most out of Kavin’s vote share.

Did Tharshan Deserve to Be Eliminated?

Tharshan was one of the frontrunners to win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Tharshan, Sandy and Mugen were the probables to win, thanks to their performance and fan base.

However, Tharshan did not do well enough when compared to Sandy and Mugen in the Ticket to Finale tasks.

Do you think Tharshan deserves to be eliminated? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

bigg boss 3 tamil tharshan nominating Vanitha


  1. No. Tharshan would be the winner. If not we won’t watch Bigg boss. All fake vote. This big boss3 fully not as expected and it is totally fake.

  2. Tharshan should not be eliminated. Why they tell us to vote when they are not following the vote list. Cheran was evicted sherine save now tharshan I feel it’s all take waste to watch this program especially big boss 3 is fake voting

  3. No dharshan should not come eviction
    Losliya also didn’t take more scores in ticket to finale
    Sherin did much more better to losliya
    Nobody should be vote losliya for kavin’s sympathy
    So evict losliya

  4. Not at all, we wouldn’t watch vijay tv programs after,because if he is eliminated that tell it is not the people decide and vjntv doing it inorder to sandy wins in final,,

  5. Tharshan deserves to be in the final. Though he didn’t score much in the ticket to finale, he is the only strong contestant throughout. He stood up for many people from day 1. Never backstabbed. Never lied, never played with emotions. Winning the title is different but he is much deserved to be in the finals. I think this is a complete planned program. I think they want sandy to win.

  6. I feel Vijay TV is showing biasedness to ensure Sandy wins the title.If Tharshan is eliminated then it’s best to unsubscribe Vijay TV. To me Losliya or Sherwin deserve to be eliminated

  7. Darshan should not be eliminated. If it is done so the bigg Boss game show is pakka fixed one. He is the real and top fighter among the players. This the first time I am watching big boss show and I won’t watch further big boss show if Darshan eliminated.

    • U guys do ur works who ever wins wt s the use fr us its show just fr entertainment thts it see and enjoy thts it any one wins means wts the use did thy vl give 500000 fr u no ryt thn fr ur mind relax watch TV and be relax thts it here no one ur brothers and sisters to support thy vl become celebrity thy vl improve thm life fr us no profit so we vl concentrate our works its better my opinion

      • If you are following what you just said, this comment wouldn’t have been here.
        Just Kidding.
        On a serious note, entertainment industry thrives on our time. It is unlikely people are giving up their work and watching it. It is just for their relaxation. Why do you support a team in EPL or IPL? The winner gets crores of money, what do you get?. Why do you still support a team or a player then?

  8. He should be evicted for all his crooked ideas and plans during the task for Karin and losliya …. by the way he is also maintaining some sort of relationship with sherin ! But he had problems with kavin’s relationship always …. always trying to please KH … !!!!!!
    He was one trying to break the relationship between friends sandy and Karin bcoz he wanted to get close to sandy !!!!! He was simply a silent killer or sweet poison
    Not more to say …
    I want him evicted !

    • Shut the fuck up stupid bitch Kavin is a secret killer he tries to act innocent by saying he will let Tharshan Mugen Losliya win by gaining votes to look like a good person. Tharshan only one from the start to participate in alll tasks. Even Mugen not participate from the start. And Tharshan only one who stands up for people. Tharshan deserves this title. Vijay tv fixed to let sandy win

  9. Tharshan is very strong n deserving contestant. He deserved to go to final. Losliya doesnt fit to win the tittle. Let those who are deserving win it. Please be fair.

  10. I think Tharsan is not fit to b win coz he is not genuine & now I think he is in love with Sherin which make the house like a love Park. I have notice that he more closer to Sherin. Tharsan or Sherin should be eliminate. I’m strongly urge and want Mugen Rao & Sandy to win the show. Thank u Bigg Boss 3 Tamil.

  11. Big boss3 seems more trust.Vijay TV themselves take decision and making us fool. Kamal is doing his duty for the heavy payment he received but no justification.If you had observed from beginning everything as per Vijay TV choice.Kindly do not waste your valuable time on watching such worst cheating program.

  12. when you live in a house without the outside connections at all, it is natural for human to develop a relationship with the fellow mates. always opposite polls attracts the most. But he always controlled him from it in order to play the game. also to true to his girl friend.
    He was not against kavin and Losliya’s relationship but he wanted them to focus on the game by controlling their emotions. Even he had motivated lLos by giving in the Captaincy Task to motivate her. he nominated them too for them to become focused . remember he motivated Los after kavin’s leaving . Do not just blame Tharshan or anybody for nothing without analyzing the situations and contributing factors.
    even the Yashika,last season cnadidate told the audience and explained the factors of iher love to Magath

  13. Losliya shud be evicted….don’t know why people r voting to her….one bigg drama queen she is..what has she done except love drama n breaking friends ..

  14. According to me, there was a hero image created on Tharshan, once he argued with vanitha, apart from that he is also a normal candidate only, if we compare him with mugen, mugen shows a lot of improvement in his way, if we compare with sandy, he plays an important role in this season, sandy holding the entire show and taking it further, if we compare with sherin, she deserves to be a finalist even though she also faced some problems few weeks ago, if we compare with losliya, she is not shown her full talent yet, even the show is going to end. .
    So comparing the talent of each and every player, who is showing well means I can say losliya is the weakest person, but here comes the public voting (maybe) let’s see.. .

    • Yes. This is a case where our polling results and the actual results have not matched. Sandy, Sherin and Tharshan were close but Sherin was trailing. Popular speculation is that they did it to have two female contestants in the finals.

  15. Based on the poll Tharshan got more votes… So what criteria they followed to evict a hardworking person??? Not interested to watch such a fake show which gives least respect to the choice of the audience…

    • Yes. This is a case where our polling results and the actual results have not matched. Sandy, Sherin and Tharshan were close but Sherin was trailing. Popular speculation is that they did it to have two female contestants in the finals.

  16. This is fully fake. Based on our heart tharsan is already a winner.This show didn’t give importance to is just a formality.

  17. If Reason given for tharshan’s eviction was due to his performance in ticket to finale task, what you say abt Losliya, did she excel to be in finals? Come on, pretty sure big boss has no valid explaination to evict Tharshan and qualify Losliya to finals….

    • From day 1 to now, Tarshan alone maintained his integrity. He has been himself. Ofcourse, his focus was to win the title… and it is the competitive spirit and he has been the warrior in all tasks…. and a great human being wholly. If Tarshan is evicted, sure Big Boss Show is completely a fake show…. and wish not to watch anymore shows on Vijay TV, because you break the trust of the genuine audience. Thank you.

  18. Tharshan should be the winner. Deserve to be. Why vijay Tv doing this? This is not a program voted by people. Selection made by vijay tv. Wasting time to watch this preplanned show. Why they are doing this? No body will watch this show anymore? It is biased and vijay TV as usual want Sandy to win. This is cheating people. I don’t think Kamal who always speaks unbiased. Should be against this decision

  19. Kamal Sir
    Question for you? You always tell this program is voted by people. Eveiction voted by people. Please answer why you are supporting to vijay Tv for this biased decision.

  20. Tharshan is the best competitor. Losliya is number one drama queen, she creates sympathy by her artificial crying & acting. Big Boss is a house of learning good things for younger gen children not a place for swayamvara. But losliya has created such a wrost environment in the house we are just loosing interest in watching the show. Dont no why people are still saving her. She dosent respect her fathers words as well. Pls eliminate losliya the biggest drama queen

  21. No. Pls dont eliminate Tharshan he is the toughest competitor. Losliya the number one drama queen has to be eliminated she dosent deserve this house.

  22. Tharshan is deserve in bb3 winner place, tharshan epti eliminate panna mutium ithuvarai ulla Ella competition nalla pannathu tharsh mattum than (fake vote bb3) voting system is fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. Bigg boss neengale oru person na eliminate pannurathukku ethukku engala vote panna sollringa losliya safe pannura alavuku enna panna love thavara Enna panna bb

  24. I feel that Tharshan should not be eliminated !!! He played well in all the tasks. He dies not get involved or be affected by the emotional dramas that was taking place. He gives his 100% despite he had leg pains . He gets along well with everyone

  25. had this show been a romance one losliya can win but it is called a game show and from day one tharshan has been focussing only on game and also raised his vioce for the truth but if Losliya is made to go to final and tharshan evicted from house this is a fake and false programme telling lies that tharshan did not get many votes compared to others I regret and feel sad if losliya is made the winner of the title please name the show as romance and love only which she was involved in.Let the show be realty show and not in favour of lovers who not only spoilt thier name and their family name but also spolit the show name.kavin and sandy being contestants how can they decide who the winner to be just because tharshan was cautionimg in kavins matter he should not be evicted.

  26. No; Tharshan must be won the bigg boss title winner…… because he is very talented person….. Tharshan must be go to final….. losliya enna game play panina avala vachirukega. … . It’s fake vote….. tharshan must be go to final…. tharshan final poga ella thaguthi um iruku….. he is a good player. ……

  27. Tharshan shld b eliminated frm the show he always supports sherin …if he know the truth too..he is tooo selfish guy …losliya and kavin is a genuine person..she done all task sincerely ..she is a hardworking person too ..she shld b in the finale ..if loss ‘ll b eliminated I won’t see biggboss anymore ..I won’t see anymore biggboss season this ‘ll b last frustrated..los shld go to the finale..she tolerated so many things ..shld shld b in

  28. I was very upset and stopped seeing the show also when Cheran sir got eliminated. He is such a deserving candidate. From the beginning of the show I was really surprised or confused to believe that this idiot Kavin is getting more votes than others. I really felt very bad that this youngsters will vote in the same way in real political elections also. We are giving voting power to such guys who eliminate talented person Cheran and protecting Kavin who knows nothing other than playing with girls emotions. I’m worried about how to protect our state from this kind of voting people.

  29. Darshan is a deserving contestant..
    Bigg boss is a humbug..
    They don’t respect people’s vote..
    Hence it is not a people program..
    Boycott bigg boss
    Don’t watch it
    So that its popularity is lost..
    And people liked kamal will not host

  30. Kavin is a good player who was always behind women and money.. Losliya is a drama queen who doesn’t respect her parents will never last in any relationship. All others deserves the finale stage…

  31. I guess if Tharshan is eliminated today than the whole show itself is Fake with the fake voting results.. being an commoner I believe that people would like Tharshan being inside than Los liya who has done nothing other than being with Kavin.. And sandy is been saved just by drama by telling he needs the boys and crying over small things in a reality show… Only sherien Mugen Rao and Tharshan are the real deserving candidates for finals.

  32. Yes not great finalists. He does not have great fan following outside compared to Kevin or loslia but surprising that he could not beat Sherin. The winner ranks would be 1. Loslia. 2 Sandy. 3 Mugen 4 Tharshan 5 Sherin. If kavin was there he would be first. .

    • Kain, losliya are faking … Sandy is proposed by Vijay TV. Darshan, Mugen are most eligible finalists. Sherin is geniuene and doing well recently. Losliya is waste and poor performer…she should be eliminated …but fake voting system and vijay TV manipulates…

  33. Darshan ‘s elimination is shock. He has been playing very well and likely to be the winner. Bigg Boss seems to be fake and looks like not worth watching. People like Los liya who is not worth continuing in the game is still inside. Ridiculous.

  34. No tharshan is a title winner. I can’t believe this. Biggboss show is a fake one. If this news is true. I will not watch biggboss again.

  35. This season bigg boss 3 very bad ,the game show also not Taft, every easy game,.losliya is not good contents, but vote 1 rang,not fair,the bigg boss show not telicuks not long most of cut .

  36. Tharshan should be the WINNER!!
    Nobody else deserves that title than HIM. Definitely not Sherin.. this is not fair and we are very disappointed with the voting system . Absolutely devastated . Sandy is been favoured by Vijay tv.
    Tharshan always played the game well always .. plz don’t evict him . Don’t disappoint his millions of fans from all over the globe.

    We need him for the finale.

  37. Tharshan should be the WINNER!!
    Nobody else deserves that title than HIM. Definitely not Sherin.. this is not fair and we are very disappointed with the voting system . Absolutely devastated . Sandy is been favoured by Vijay tv.
    Tharshan always played the game well always .. plz don’t evict him . Don’t disappoint his millions of fans from all over the globe.

  38. Vj tv from.1 day already decided who is the winner. Vj tv is fake. Tharshan should not be evicted. Vjbtv ask.public to vote but our votes are not accounted for. Vj tv have their own voting system….cheating

  39. Tharsan is the real winner always in people heart. If tharsan out, then big boss also out. Please save the world with quality people. If he out, thts show us how worst the human judgement.

  40. I personally feel it’s 100% not people’s vote it’s for the sake of Pleasing Vanitha really sad .really feel cheated watching Bigg Boss .

  41. Losliya deserve to win she’s good person and real person in bigg boss house others support their own friends only especially sandy he want the boys team are winner he don’t care about others in the beginning he wants that Darshan also fake he love sherin but he never show that Losliya only the genuine person pls support to Losliya she deserves to win

  42. Tharshan ellamae correct ah irupan y avana veliya anupuriga it’s not correct I hate big boss show makkal ellarum please vote potathiga big boss 4 vadhalum yaruku vote potathiga plz kamal sir Inemae nega idhu makkal thirunu soldratha stop panuga plz tharshan than win pananum idha big boss show la I hate big boss show

  43. We want tharshan back in the show. So if we do task well they will be eliminated. Tharshan is the deserving person to win bigg boss the vote fake????

  44. yah it’s can darshan get’s very unfair .everyone check the poll vote. sherin only should be evicted.not so upset im also from Sri Lanka.why did they do it

  45. my point is waht means why people select lossliya to be continue….i dont like this .
    I will say except 4 contestants….lossliya is not worth for title winenr

  46. I don’t know whether you vijay TV is evicting people be voting bases … Public are disappointed with the desicion how come you are saying that it’s publics decision… U vijay TV has lost your public fan base .. Next season most will not watch this show…

  47. What justification big boss will give for Dharshan’s elimination?
    If sympathy plays major role, the title of the game can be changed.
    Big boss game relying on idiots vote is not fair.
    It upsets all of us. Big boss 3 Tamil ending with sadness. No value for the truth.
    Big boss 3 Tamil… completely failed. Flopped.

  48. Vijay tv is fake..Losliya doesnt deserve to be in BB house since long time..A truly deserving contestant Tharshan is not in today just because of stupid politics of vijay tv. Don’t ask for people’s vote anymore. Since you wmhave already set up the stage for Waste kavin losliya and sandy.

    • I agree. Kevin and Losliya are utter waste. Sandy is supporting this romance inside BB house, so, I think the channel is supporting him. Vijay TV Bigg Boss is fake.

  49. Very Irritating Big Boss…. I never watch…. Tharshan should be the finalist…. Losliya want to be eliminated….. Fraud fake votes ever…… Vijay TV ??

  50. Vijay TV Bigg Boss is playing a political game.. It is completely not acceptable of Tharshan’s Elimination if Vijay TV is doing like this why the hell we need to watch.. Please don’t telecast any of programs. do watch your self.. Right nw am watching the show fucking people’s are laughing like Shits and also kamal, is this a TV show or a fucking political corruption show ? these kind of political shows makes fool and corruption of all peoples around the universe, if this is the result for real gamers like Darshan please dont run the fucking bigg boss show anymore..

  51. personally feel it’s 100% not people’s vote it’s for the sake of Pleasing Vanitha or to just cheat us by saying what u people think wont happen,really sad .really feel cheated watching Bigg Boss

  52. Yes tharshan is d only contestants who play fair and emotionally he be so true to everyone without any hurting. Aniway tharshan u already a winner in our heart.. Ur victory will be as a gift in tamil cinema soon…congrats and see u in big cinema soon as hero..

  53. Now people should understand that right contestant will not deserve as per Vijay TV, for what reasons losliya is moving forward for finals, she never deserve to go to finals, people should stop watching then Vijay tv will understand what mistake they done

  54. Very unfair eviction. Tharsan should be the title winner. Losliya, was not fair in her game. Most of the time, she was romancing with Kevin…….but today she is selected for finalist. Bigg Boss is not a fair game. Very bad. I will never watch any more Bigg Boss show in Tamil. It’s fake. They have already decided who should win, and it’s for name sake that they ask us to vote. Bigg Boss show in Hindi is good.
    Down…down….Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

  55. Such a fraud show big boss because.tharshan is the dedicated person and deserving person to the title. And all we know tharshan has lots of fans compare than the other competitors. Losliya such a worst .girl. and she is not deserve person to the final list. And she is a character less girl. She is very shame girl among all women. Then why people safe her to keep inside the home?. Such a dedicated person tharshan he put lot’s of hard work to win but all were waste. Vijay tv cheated the all fans. And vijay tv do you think like us a fool?. If any one genuine pls stop to watch this show.

  56. Tharshan would have won. I suspect certain contestant’s friends are helping using bot voting, or bigg boss is manipulating show. Only any account Tharshan is a winner.

  57. Tharshan would have won. I suspect certain contestant’s friends are helping using bot voting, or bigg boss is manipulating show. On any account Tharshan is a winner.

  58. Mugen will win because vijay tv targeting customer base in Malaysia. That’s the reason to eliminate dharsan who would have won otherwise.

  59. Losliya should be eliminated. Vijay tv Bigg boss is fraud. This is stupid. Don’t ever watch this show. It’s a waste of time. Why does Kamal Hasan always say it’s people’s choice? Like don’t you have a heart? How can you lie so obviously. People didn’t evict Tharshan. Why are you putting the blame on us? Why are you even asking public to vote if you’re not gonna follow our decision? Don’t ever watch this stupid show.

  60. Going it seems losliya might be the tittle winner . I had doubt on the show when reshma got evicted. But I am seeing the voting result
    Every days. I didn’t see any week, evicted people was showed on first or second place upto Friday on the result status .

    I think losliya very deserving , each every minute love love love and crying she packed already cherapa and kavin and tharsan remaining 3 only she will plan easily with centiment.

  61. Such a fraud show big boss because.tharshan is the dedicated person and deserving person to the title.Vijay TV and all the shows are fake. Sandy should be evict. who ever not play well that person always win in vijay tv.really rubbish bb.
    please boycott vijay tv.

  62. Useless Losliya. Darshan is deserved for the title . No one else.
    From the day one he played a wonderful game all along the contest.

    No BB viewer will accept this. Vijay TV is loosing their name and position.

  63. Big boss elimination has because a wrong presedent shows that the real and deserving person doesn’t have place in BB. What for should we watch a dirty show which does not value fairness, hardwork,is not rewarded…… from today to hell with YOU and Your regard less show ??????????

  64. Not fair at all what was happened to Tharshan.
    He is deserved person for final.
    He was very genuine from beginning.
    Im hate vijay tv and their politic play.

    I don’t want to watch this program anyway.

    I dont think that audience happy with this eviction process.

    All scripted

  65. Worse decision ever….. It is definitely not people’s decision… The reaction of the audience was sufficient to prove that…..How can you eliminate a person who was sooo deserving….. If you call it people’s show, please give decisions based on people’s votes and not on your wish… Tharshannn…you deserve to be a finalist and you are the people’s winner….. Sandy and Mugen… Both of you are equally deserving tooo….. Big B…. You were sooo good through out the show….. But this decision ruined it…… Atleast the title should now go to the right person… Mugen or Sandy….

  66. Fraud votes! Vijay TV lack of INTEGRITY. Darshan together wth Mugen the most deserve candidates in finale. Losliya shud be evicted first follow by Sherin. Darshan did his best n focus on all task given genuinely. Losliya out of focus n involve in live drama and at some task never concentrate properly or failed. What is happening wth Vijay TV and Bigg Boss. Shame on you Bigg Boss. Someone must report to Anti Corruption body n investigate the voting system.

  67. totally unfair vjay tv, tharshan eliminate say because vote but went checkout vote sherin and loosu Losliya is more worst in vote count,damm it

  68. The vote system should be open to see all. We only come to know on eviction day. Instead of, if they are showing the votes on regular update we will support strongly and do votes accordingly. This is the right time to re think Vijay TV. We don’t want to loose strong contestant like Tharsan. People also wont believe your channel system and process. I think Mr.Kamal also has to insist this point to avoid people loose the scope. Pls understand and do something to build the confidence for future.
    Now they are blaming our votes. Instead they should give the data. Every show they can’t show the data instead they can show updates.
    One more suggestion. Eviction shouldn’t do by other contestant. All the house mets are nominated and people will decide who has to stay.

  69. Tharshan’s eviction defies all logic & raises many suspicions on the Integrity of the show.

    Will only a Non-Hindu win this season also ?

  70. Actually vijaytv will not allow the foreigners to win. It’s all just for the TRP. You can notice so many talented people from Sri Lankan and other countries is not eligible to win India program. All knows Tharshan is gng to be the title winner that’s why vijaytv have eliminated Tharshan. This is not makkal voting at all. Makkal voting is for Tharshan. They’re are gng to make either Sandy or Sherin to win the title becoz she is from Karnataka to solve the water problems. Bigg boss 3 is totally fake.

  71. Tharshan should be the winner. Vijay TV voting is fake, fake nothing but fake.
    Tharshan, Mugen and Cheran should be the winners. I stopped watching BB after Cheran’s eviction. Vijay TV is fraud. All their voting system is fraud.

  72. Darshan is the most deserving candidate for the BB title winner. He played very well sincerely from the beginning. He is such a good person compared to Sandy and Kavin. In the next seasan, no one should participate in BB and make it a failure. Whatever hard work one puts, finally who ever vijay TV decides will be the winner. No honest voting system. Fake and Fraud voting.

  73. Season 2 fake this season also double fake.other channels never do like this but vijai tv useless fake tv .anchors also fake vijai tv doing fake not only this show.super singer dance show all programs are fake and useless.enkitta mothaathe one of the bloody show

  74. Viji TV Keeps the Good contestants till the end to have their rating go up. When comes to the final, They manipulate the results to bring the Candidate they want to win. Especially if its a Non Indian candidate.
    Same thing happen to supper singer a few years ago.

    These shows are not based on the talents, Its about who Viji TV wants to win.
    Dont waste your time watching. Use your time wisely.

  75. hi vj tv. don’t
    thing people is the big boss programme terms and conditions to all the people before starting bb show and every week end contestants voting list.because tharshan is suitable person to win the tittle.don’t say no votes for tharshan than losliya. she did only love.tharshan is a all rounder.he did all task best. very honest, smart, and good it enough to win comedy,simphathy,and love.please reply me vj cheating tv.i don’t watch bb anymore thanks.

  76. I stopped watching Bigboss 3 , from the day Darshan was evicted . My heart broke to see the true title winner has been deprived of it .The whole programme is fake and would never ever watch this again for entertainment . No ethics values at all. Having Darshan was unjustly evicted , would be supporting Mugen Rao.


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