Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination Vote Results September 22: Cheran Gets Eliminated As Reported By TNC Polls, Losliya Gets Saved By A Whisker!

Bigg boss cheran no 1 week 13

It is drama galore on Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this weekend. The elimination twists this weekend are leaving the audience shell shocked. While the popular conception was the elimination of Sherin this week, she was saved. This was the first surprise which awaited the audience.

How Did The Elimination Announcement Take Place?

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completes 91 days and this week’s eviction is the most crucial of all. The contestants are gearing up to fight with their hearts out for the finals. However, Bigg Boss planned to add a little twist to the elimination announcement process this weekend.

Usually, the host Kamal Hassan reveals the name of the contestant who is evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house. However, this time Losliya and Cheran were invited into a special room outside the Bigg Boss house. The contestants were of the impression that both or either of them will be eliminated.

The suspense continued as Losliya, Cheran waited in the special room.


It was finally revealed that Cheran was eliminated from the card which was inside the special room.

Why Was Cheran Eliminated?

Cheran was safe towards the beginning of the week. The elimination battle for this week was between Losliya and Sherin. However, Sherin’s stellar performances in the Ticket to finale tasks and Cheran’s inability to perform up to the standards of others is probably the main reason for the vote swing. Cheran’s loss was Losliya’s gain.

The News Crunch’s polls suggested Cheran’s downfall in the last two days of voting. However, the difference between Losliya and Cheran’s vote was miniscule.


Cheran has been a fighter in this season’s Bigg Boss Tamil. Cheran’s reentry did not have a lot of impact in extending his tenure into the finale.

Do you think Cheran deserved to be eliminated this week? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. No.. Cheran deserves to be in bigg boss… Loosilya should have come out..
    At least the last two weeks would we all watched a decent show. Now again same Kavin and losliya celebrating begins we went watch this scrap show

  2. Underserved Worst performers Kavin and Losliya should be thrown out of Big boss house. Not sure why people are saving them when there is lot more deserving contestants sherin and Cheran are competing with their 100%

  3. It’s unfair game . Chraren played well from the beginning to till date , why big boss saves always kavin and losilya ? Why people are voting to kavin and losilya?
    We expect if both will come out then the show will be professional and interest…… Again they both will spoiled the big boss show3

  4. My best feeling Kavin should have been eliminated.The next choice Losliya.Cheran deserved to be in the finals.Ptobably due to his injury and inability to perform games could be the reason.i hope the next season they will not waste time bringing in elders meaning above 40.They can never be as physically fit as the young ones.Then the generation gap.Be pragmatic

  5. Useless decision!!!! Kavin is a bull shitter and Losliya is an idiot… Both drowning the shows alike script being thought and arrange in convention room, which edited for public viewing… and BB3 act as bias and favour…. Better to close off this show . Look how Bollywood (Salman) run the shows. Kamal Sir don’t spoil your image and reputation by involving in this. Better quit sir! …. If this show continues, Replace with STR , a better person who can blust directly .

  6. பயனற்ற முடிவு கவின் 4 பெண்களை பகடைக்காயா பயன்படுத்தறான் அவனை வெளிய அனுப்ப முடியல எல்லோருக்கும் தந்தையாக இருந்தவரை ஓட்டிங்கில் 2 வது இடத்தை பிடித்தவரை வெளியேற்றியது தவறே இது போல் மதுமிதாவிற்கு நடந்ததும் உண்மையை என தோனுகிறது

  7. People tend not to see the inside conspiracy of Cheran. At time yes he speaks naturally but not most of the time. There is a hidden selfishness in his words and actions. I accept that this week’s elimination is correct.

  8. It’s clear this Vj tv n bb show a fraud show. Kavin n losliya are bottom in the task points. At his age Cheran sir scored better. Kakkosliya couple should have sent out


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