Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination News: Kasthuri Will Be Eliminated This Week?

kasthuri elimination bigg boss tamil 3

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 gears up for its eighth elimination this weekend. Since today is Day 59 in Tamil Season 3, with just 40 days left, this is one of the most crucial eliminations of this season.

Is Sandy the Weakest Link in “The Boys Group”?

Sandy, Tharshan, Cheran and Kasthuri are nominated for eliminations this week. There are lot of speculations about Sandy’s elimination this week. The audience is disappointed about Vanitha’s exclusion from the nominations this week. Apparently, a lot of contestants who wished to nominate for Vanitha ended up with Cheran as they didn’t want to disturb “The Boys Group” unity. Considering Sandy to be the weakest link among the boys group, he stands a fair chance of being eliminated this week.

Sandy Master Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

Kasthuri Trailing In Terms of Audience Vote Count

As per the latest reports on the audience vote counts, Sandy tops the list with the highest number of audience votes in his favor. He is closely followed by Tharshan and Cheran. However, Kasthuri is trailing by a considerable margin. If at all audience votes is the only factor in deciding the eighth elimination this week, Kasthuri will be eliminated. However, the elimination of Kasthuri will not have a huge impact on the house proceedings as she failed to create any impact from the day she entered as a wild card entry. Lack of credible connections in the house, lack of respect and authoritativeness, inability to make people believe her right intentions are all the factors which might drive Kasthuri out of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3.


Audience Votes Count for the Eighth Elimination (As of Today)

Sandy – 66893 votes

Tharshan – 66134 votes

Cheran – 64725 votes

Kasthuri – 44236 votes.

Find out how to vote for your favorite contestants here: Eighth Elimination Voting Bigg Boss Tamil 3

Do you think Kasthuri will be eliminated this week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. பிக்பாசில் மீண்டும் இணைத்திருப்பது மக்கள் விரோதமான செயலாகும் , மதுமிதா தற்கொலைக்கு முயற்சி செய்ததே வனிதாவால்தான் இன்னும் என்ன நடக்கப்போகிறதோ

    • You Ranirani, did you ever analyse and see why boys group was formed, this all the master plan of the culprit Kavin
      he is using all the boys and his play boy character to ensure that he is the winner

      this is all his strategy

      Kavin is the bloodyyy culprit, he was mainly provoking and trigerring every one against madhumita

  2. s come again madhu to bigg boss no one worth there except kasthuri, i dont know vanitha is a woman or devil how she speaks badly, god will punish her becau of her attitude madhu suffered a lot in that house, atleast for a game show, she is been like that, sandy, losliya, mugin, kavin,dharshan,sherin all are very very worst performer, 100% they are all fake, comedy is to make people to be happy, but here sandy and his group only happy for his comedy the second person will affected of it. pl audience dont clap for there for losliya and her group, there is no meaning at all, kamal sir pl open ur mouth and ask whoever made mistake in madhu’s sucide attempted.

  3. five menbers only the bigboss hero and heroin kavin,losliya,mugin,dharsan,sandy are best perfomance real hero’s madhu ,cheran ,kasthuri, vanitha very wost leave the biggboss madhu not enter the biggboss please


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