Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Elimination News: Abirami is Officially Eliminated, Losliya and Sherin Are Inconsolable!

Abhirami Venkatachalam Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestant

As reported rightly by The News Crunch, Abirami is officially eliminated from The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. Abirami is the seventh elimination from this season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Losliya, Kavin, Mugen, Madhumita and Abirami were nominated for eliminations this week. With Madhumita’s eviction, there were rumors about no elimination this week. However, the host Kamal Hassan clarified the same on Day 55 about the confirmed eliminations this week.

Was Abirami the Scapegoat ?

Mugen, Losliya and Kavin enjoyed a huge share of audience votes and Abirami was left behind by a huge margin. The Mugen – Abirami fiasco drastically affected the “Nerkonda Paarvai” star’s position in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.


Her excessive emotional breakdowns and audience getting the opinion about her weakness affected her mission to win the title. The last one week saw a drastic change in Abirami’s image and she was a bold and matured woman. It was a little too late for the contestant as the audience already made their minds about her elimination.

Losliya and Sherin In Tears Post Abirami’s Elimination Announcement

Abirami’s elimination announcement brought instant tears to Losliya and she was inconsolable. Sherin was in tears as well as Sherin and Abirami shared a unique bond. Losliya’s fans were heartbroken to see her in such deep tears for the first time in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

losliya modern outfit

Abirami’s elimination paves the way for a fiercely competitive house filled with contestants with considerable support.

Are you happy with Abirami’s elimination this week? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Not really happy with her elimination. BB could have send her to secret room for realization, be self critical and let her enter again as contestant.

  2. Person to be evicted should be Vanitha, She acts as that shes is the ruler of the show. Her body language and attitude describes it.

  3. Felt very proud of Abhirami. She went out very gracefully. This house was not for a straight forward person like her. The audience and contestants cornered her. She never bitched about anyone like other contestants.

  4. Abhirami Venkatachalam was not a strong contender from the beginning. Adding to that, she breaks down for all silly matters. As a participant, she has to fight all odds. Now the fight for the top place is going to be really tough. All the best to everyone. Fight till the end??

  5. super choice to evict her, she is 100% deserved, of course, she is a drama queen because she brought up all the problems after that she would be normal then madhu had to face, for this non-sense lady, madhu had been affected from the beginning I think she sold her brain in pawnbroker, useless lady


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