Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Eliminate Vote News Day 98 September 29: Does Losliya Deserve to Be In The Finals? Is She Better Than Tharshan?

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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 enters into its 98th day and probably the most entertaining Sunday episode so far. Tharshan’s elimination news is not going down well among the audience. Over the course of the season, the audience have felt left out time and again.

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Right from instances where contestants were voted out and returned back to the house, unreasonable evictions and so on. TRPs govern a major role in the decisions taken in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Tharshan, Sandy and Mugen were the probable contestants to win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

This week’s elimination will be the final one this season. Everyone except Mugen were nominated for eliminations this week. Sandy, Sherin and Tharshan were the contestants facing danger of eviction this week.

However, shocking reports surfaced yesterday which concluded Tharshan as the eliminated contestant.

It was a heartbreaking news for Tharshan and his fans. While Tharshan fans are shocked with the result, they are now questioning the legitimacy of Losliya.

Does Losliya Deserve a Place in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Finals?

With Tharshan’s elimination, Sandy, Losliya, Sherin and Mugen will be among the finalists this season. While Sandy and Mugen were among other probables to win the title, Sherin has risen up from the odds of elimination and proven to be a strong contestant.

With that being said, questions arise about Losliya’s place in the finals. However, Kavin’s fans are happy that Losliya will take part in the finals.

Losliya has shown little intent to be in the house and she has lacked genuinity in multiple occasions. She was more than ready to leave the house when Kavin decided to leave. Losliya has been a very weak contestant when it came to tasks as well. She had little interest in the happenings of the house. The only reason she gained so much camera footage was because of her relationship with Kavin.


Tharshan on the other hand, has been a fighter from the beginning. Be it victory or defeat, Tharshan put his heart and soul into the game. He questioned what is right and wrong and stood for himself. Though he was a part of the Boys Group, he always stood by Sherin when it mattered and was an active participant in house activities.


Vote now to voice your opinion. Who Do You Think Deserves A Place in the Finals?

Who Deserves A Place In BB3 Finals?




  1. Tharshan was good in physical activity but this game about all honesty,openess,love, sentiments and how they touch the people ‘s heart. Kavin and Sandy did that well and Losliya too joined with them on the line.But Everyone knows this title would have gone to Kavin but now they want that to go to Sandy or Losliya.Mugen, Sherinand Thrashan very safely played according to people’s claps, comments etc.. But other three played according g to their heart, feelings . I don’t think Thrshan should win, because of his body structure and the physical activities?If this is the game then they wouldn’t have brought Cheran, Mohan , Fatmi Babu , Vanitha etc..This is game with lots of feelings, emotions, Love and how they handle all and reach the people which Kavin did .No one can beat him. Now he left the way to Losliya so his fans will vote for her or Sandy.Waht’s wrong in that? Whereas Sakshi,Vanitha, Cheran’s fan voted for Tharshan and Sherin. This game is very fair and proves the people who are from average family, with struggle and with their honest , self confidence and determination will win the heart of the people. Kavin is the idol for youngsters from middle class families. Hat off to Kavin and He will be happy whoever Los or Sandy wins the title.He wanted Los to be in the final and made it happen.

  2. Yen da paradesi unaku losliya ve tavira vera yaarum un kannuku teriya mattangala….sherin item nalla taane tharshan veliya pona….athu avanode tappu…losliya deserve in finale…tharshan sherin not deserve it…mind it….sherin item aunty….kalla kadhali for tharshan…ipadi eecha vela pakura bathula poithu saavu da…illana sherin aaya kum tharshan kum sombu tukku?????

  3. Last 2 weeks dharshan changed. But final ticket competition between dharshan and sherin, not lasliya. She get votes from kavin, abhirami fans

  4. Pool between tharsan and sherin not with losliya. Tharsan and losliya deserve to be finalists.. Admin change your captions and opinion. No one here perfect to blame her.

  5. லோஸ்லியா கவின் காதல் உண்மேயானால் வின்னர் கிடைக்கும் கவின் வெளியில் வந்ததற்கான அர்த்தம் கிடைக்கும்


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