Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 89 September 20 Updates: Mugen on Top and Kavin,Losliya at the Bottom, Who Will Win the Ticket to Finale?

mugen golden ticket winner

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is having an eventful week, thanks to the ticket to finale tasks. Contestants are battling it out in every task at hand. Fan bases are also fighting against each when it comes to the manner in which each contestant wins the task. In fact, the thickest of friends, Tharshan and Kavin had an argument related to the thermocol sacks in a bag task. Tharshan was unhappy with the way Kavin was playing. This shows how intense the competition is getting in the closing days of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

What Was the Latest Task for the Ticket to Finale?

As the contestants braved their way through the night to save their golden eggs, Bigg Boss halted the task for sometime. The contestants heaved a sigh of relief and grabbed some rest. However, towards the latter half of the day, Bigg Boss announced another physical task. Contestants had to gather as much yellow and white balls as possible in their basket or throw red balls in the other contestants baskets to reduce their points.

The task saw a lot of fights and tussles. Sandy unknowingly pushed Losliya down which irritated Kavin. Kavin went and checked on Losliya in the middle of the game which irked Sherin. A fight broke out between Kavin and Sherin. Sherin was at the second place before the task commenced and most of the contestants targeted her.

BIgg Boss Tamil 3 Ticket to FInale Tasks Points Table Leaderboard – September 20th 2019

Mugen – 36 points

Sandy – 32 points

Sherin – 30 points

Tharshan – 30 points

Cheran – 27 points

Losliya – 23 points

Kavin – 18 points

The real fight for the Ticket to finale is between Mugen, Sherin and Tharshan now as the Sandy is already out of the Golden egg task. However, the higher probability of winning the ticket is with Mugen for now.


  1. I don’t think Kavin ever asked anyone to either halt or put on hold the game at any time. On his own he left his stand to see to Losliya’s injury. Sherine needn’t have flared up regarding this. It’s clear that both Sherine & Tharshan want Kavin & Los out of the game. Facts are stubborn. Anyway we’ll wait for the Finals. In my opinion the final 3 will be Kavin, Mugen, & either Los or Tharshan. KAVIN will win. All the very best to everyone.

  2. Kavin just using the same love tactics used by Arav in first season hoping to win the title, even though he didn’t do the best compare to others.Thats the reason he never got nominated for best performer or captain.


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