Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 87 September 18: Did Mugen Rao Cheat In the Brick Balancing Task?

mugen golden ticket winner

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 enters its penultimate two weeks and the competition is getting tougher by the day. The Road to Finale tasks are pretty interesting from the audience’s perspective. It is soothing to see the contestants fighting for their position in the Finale.

bigg boss 3 tamil day 86 losliya vs kavin

However, controversies are sprouting with respective to the conduct of certain contestants. The brick balancing task was one of the most challenging tasks undertaken by the contestants.

Mugen Rao won the task after balancing the bricks for more than thirty minutes. While the contestants and audience applauded the feat, the real heroes of the task were Kavin and Losliya. After being subdued by the fellow contestants, Kavin and Losliya showed their true spirit to win in the brick balancing task.

Why Was Kavin Appreciated for His Balancing Task Performance?

Kavin suffered a massive road accident a few years and he has a surgical plate fitted in his leg. In Spite of this, Kavin was able to survive till the last few minutes. Cheran and fellow contestants appreciated his grit and determination.

kavin shock on seeing sakshi

Why is Mugen Being Accused of Cheating?

While Losliya and Kavin struggled to survive in the balancing task, Mugen was rock solid. Though Mugen is physically fitter than the rest of his contenders, he seemed to be supporting his legs with his hands. However, Losliya and Kavin never touched their legs with their hands to balance or support it. Was Mugen wrong or right? Will the host, Kamal Hassan discuss about Mugen’s actions during the weekend.

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Let us know if you feel Mugen Rao cheated in the brick balancing task in the comments below.


  1. Whoever posted this maybe the stupid Kavin’s army.. I don’t see any cheating take place. Give me good reason, Why he can’t use hand to support his leg? Why aren’t los and Kevin does the same.. They said learn that from Mugen

  2. Whoever posted this maybe the stupid Kavin’s army.. I don’t see any cheating take place. Give me good reason, Why he can’t use hand to support his leg? Why aren’t los and Kevin does the same.. They shud learn that from Mugen

    • We never took sides or reported anything against Mugen or any contestant. We would love to see Mugen win this competition. However, our news reports are based on the buzz around social media.

      There is a difference between telling mugen is a cheater and asking “did mugen cheat”.

  3. Gosh this is ridiculous ?…Mugen Rao won fair and square. If touching your leg was against the rules Bigg Boss or the other contestants would have addressed. Mugen did extremely well, can’t we just appreciate him for that?

  4. Stop creating stupid rumours lh….mugen played the task according to bigg boss rules..there’s ntng there to cheat…if he’s cheating for sure bigg boss will warn him that time itself…so Mugen is right…

  5. Let’s recall season one car task when snehan was accused cheating standing with support.But big boss announced about the rules in the task.but on this task nothing like is a healthy competition

  6. Mugen did not cheat he was holding his leg not anything else for support.
    How come Kavin even in worst performance can get soo much of votes within a day, while for others it goes up slowly day by day.

  7. HE never cheat, why your website blaming and accusing him? Nothing wrong with holding his leg. Then why your website never highlight when Cheran using hand on frooti task??

  8. Mugen did not cheat. Why your website accusing him? Nothing wrong with holding his leg.
    Then what are you doing when Cheran using hand in frooti task?

  9. If Mugen cheated why BB didn’t say anything. N announce he is the winner..that means he played to the rule of the game…good for Mugen…
    Kavin n Los also played well but Mugen was better…

  10. That’s right if Mugen have cheated,bigg boss would have addressed the issue.Some people just can’t bear to see a person suceed.Evil and Jealous people!!!

  11. Mugen is not cheater but he is nothing neutral. Just play game is not BB you all first understand that. Mugen just be the same from the first no strategies then can win title is it .he got angry like a lion you all like that examples of man treating women. You know how many of them following that action of mugen carrying chair and hit the bed . Stupid people.

  12. We saw him supporting his leg with his hand. But if that was against the rule BB should have made an announcement then & there. Anyway Kavin & Losliya also played well without touching any part of their body!!! So continue to watch & enjoy the games, even though we don’t understand BB’s game where how Sherine got saved instead of Vanitha!!! Hope you can read between the lines!!!

  13. stop potraying innocent guy like mugen. just because other channels are dumb, u will follow their dumbness? come on! use your brain before starting a topic. people played hard to win this standing with one leg for 27 mins and u sit on chair with legs cross in air conditioned room and easily start dumb topics like this
    use ur brain for god sake!

  14. Better remove your articles or rewrite the article in better English. Do try create rumours. You should review the rules and regulations given by big boss before the game. Your news without proper investigation and we can say it’s a allegation towards mugen. Be more responsible when you write a news.

  15. U must understand,
    – Mugan not that kind of player. He is one of fair player.
    -Point already given base on the view from all the angle view frm big boss team. There r not stupid.
    -Other player not complaining
    -although this player frm malaysia. Malaysian cannot vote for mugan. All the support for mugan come frm organizer country.

  16. It is very unfair accused Mugen as a cheat. Who ever the idiot supporters of Kavin and Los. Mugen is playing a fair game. It is unfair to state him as cheat. PLEASE MIND THE WORDS.

  17. What an unfair title for the article. Please have more responsibility in your article and titles. Did you hear of a rule that can not touch leg with hands? If no, then it is a ridiculous article and should be removed!!!


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