Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 86 Road to Finale Tasks Update: Tharshan and Sandy Lead, Kavin and Losliya at the Bottom!

bigg boss season 3 tamil september 16

After an emotional week at the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house, the contestants can expect some tough tasks this week. ‘The Road to Finale’ tasks are lined up for the remaining contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil. At the end of the week, Bigg Boss will grant one contestant the right to participate in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finals.

However, it would be interesting to see which contestants really deserve to win the title of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 : Road to Finale Tasks Update Day 1

Task 1: Balloon Bursting Task

Tharshan won the balloon bursting task followed by Sandy. The duo fought it out until the last moment and it was a hard fought victory for Tharshan. Tharshan suffered injuries during the task. However, Sandy did not give up and gave his best.

Task 2: Tug of War

Tharshan’s team emerged as the winners in the tug of war battle as well.

Task 3: Rank the Contestants

Each contestant ranked the other seven contestants in the order of 1 to 7. The contestant with the maximum number of first ranks gets the most points while the contestant with the lowest ranks on an average gets the least.

Overall, Sandy and Tharshan were the top two contestants in everybody’s rankings.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Road to Finale Tasks Ranking Update

The rankings based on the performances of contestants on Day 1 of the ‘Road to Finale’ tasks are as follows:

  1. Tharshan
  2. Sandy
  3. Mugen | Cheran
  4. Losliya
  5. Sherin
  6. Kavin

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  1. Both girls may not be able to fight against the boys. Yet Losliya was great in the balancing act. She might not be the winner but certainly in the top 3. Youngest in the team, but a brave & lovable girl. All the very best to her.


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