Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 76 September 7: “Time To Teach the Contestants That Victory With Integrity, Determination Will Emerge over Desperate Victory Measures” Host Kamal Hassan Sets the Tone for the Weekend Agenda

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As Bigg Boss Tamil 3 enters into the most exciting weekend so far, the audience will be eager to see the host Kamal Hassan discuss a lot of issues from the past week. The last week was filled with an array of controversies ranging from the fight between Sherin and Vanitha, Sakshi’s fight with Losliya during the animal awards nominations night and Losliya’s disrespectful, arrogant behavior against Mohan Vaidya.

With issues aplenty, Kamal Hassan has rightly set the tone for the weekend. The audience have been gifted to see to the true colors of a lot of contestants this week, thanks to the issues at stake.

Right from Kavin who wished to sacrifice his tenure in the house for his friends to Sherin who lost her way through the course of her stay in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, the journey is drastically changing for a lot of contestants in the house. Addressing this would be Kamal Hassan’s plan for today’s episode.

With elimination risk looming largely over Cheran and Sherin’s head, it would be interesting to see if anyone of them is saved today before the final elimination announcement in the much awaited Sunday episode.

Will Kamal Hassan Grill Losliya for Her Behavior?

Losliya has been Kamal’s target over the last few weekend episodes. Kamal is been at his best when it comes to gauging Losliya’s tactics or diplomacy in dealing with his questions. Considering Losliya’s unacceptable behavior with Mohan Vaidya and Sakshi during the awards night, it is expected that she will be questioned and her actions will be condemned. From being a ‘cute puppy’ in the house, Losliya is evolved into getting the tag ‘pachondhi’ (chameleon) for her actions in the house.


With 24 days remaining, the game gets uglier and tougher in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Does Losliya deserve to continue in the house? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I dont like losliya at all, if her sister was in sakshi’s place what would do this arrogant losliya and how she could make relationship with flirt kavin, very very worst u r

    • When are you going to drown the idea of having regards for stupid elders? Bigg Boss house is not about harmony but clash of personalities. It is about how forceful you are as an individual doing the right things. It is not about “Aama Samy”

      Think about why the monster Vanitha was brought in….. to create harmony? Not the Moron Mohan and Evil Sakshi are there to grind the axe?

      • Seriously ? You have adjectives to persons you have no idea about. But others cannot form the same about casting-couch-friendly Losliya ?

        • Are you saying that you have better information about them than I do? We comment only on the show broadcasted. Who says others cannot form opinions? If one posts a comment, he/she be prepared for a reply, which does not have to be in the affirmative..

  2. What would anyone do if they hv been given pachondi award with those reasons?? If you see rest of the awards there is a positive element to it. That award can be used for everyone in house except tharshan and Mugen.

  3. I don’t think what Losliya did was wrong. It is her right to accept or reject the award ..when there’s no proper explanation was given. I feel shakshi came in for revenge but she is making it as if there’s nothing. Sakshi has hidden agendas. By keep on using outside of Bigg boss house stories. In the first place they shouldn’t be even speaking about what is going on outside of Bigg boss house as this will distract the contestants. Mohan Vaidya should behave for his age, he also has hidden agendas, it’s so obvious. Using all soft ends, trying to so called make it right.

    Sherin, she is playing super safe game. She is faking her entire character well and good and trying to be in good books of everyone. Her real colour is slowly coming out. She seems to be innocently dumb.

  4. I hate losliya. She is full of attitude and arrogant. Her disrepectful words and changing behaviour ..makes her suits for chameleon award. Only she deserve the title.

  5. They targeted her, could have explained it on a lighter note, what she did was just fine, specially receiving it from Mohan V. and Sakshi, most irritating faces on the show, and they were much kinder with others, you go girl!

  6. What Losliya did was absolutely her prerogative. This is not an award where one will feel proud of. Everyone knows the ill-meaning of a chameleon. With no explanation it’s definitely ok for what Losliya did. A slap on their faces!!

  7. i hate losliya, her attitude and arrogancy sucks. Kavin is really trying to be what playboy, sacrificing behaviour to cover the audience or peers.

  8. Losliya has many different faces, but downright disrespectful. She clearly showed that she has no ethics or morals or values by doubting Cheran. She needs to be evicted from the house.

  9. I like Losliya ,may be some of her actions might not be right but if someone give me the award I would have been furious arrogance that bad as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone

  10. Losliya is lost her place in the BB house. Arrogant, over attitude.. Flirting with kavin all the time.. Shameless girl.. Immature, idiotic and spoilt her initial success…

  11. I think loseliya should get out of the house since,she started to have love affair with Kawin,she totally changed her focus, culture of srilankan,moreover she lost her mind many cases had been shown by Kamal who is running the show,so I believe this week she should leave the house.

  12. Losliya ku appavi award kodukkanum because aval unmaiyaga irundhaval avalin weakness therintha kavin avalai madakkugirar athai unmai ena nambi losli yemaarugirar 2 perukkum secret room vaithu advaise pannavum . Kaduppu yethuranta gamnunum suppu yethuranta ummunum irundha jammunu irukkalaam sonna losli but Inga apdy irukka vida matanga nu sonnadhu la yarukkellam purinjichi anga ulla nilavaram.??? Kavin please u don’t missing losli. Avalai avalaave irkka vidunga..

  13. If they had known the meaning of Chameleon the award wouldn’t have gone to Los. She is not fake, but straight forward.she is not beating about the bush either. She loves Kavin and that’s it. Right from the beginning the famous trio V,sashki and Sherine wanted her out out of the house. She was targeted by both Sashki and Mohanand it was sudden provocation which brought about the out burst.didnt you watch her saying sorry to Mohan. He should have been given this Pachondi award.


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