Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 76 September 7: Kamal Digs Into Sherin & Tharshan’s Relationship Saga, Accuses Sakshi of Double Standards?

sakshi referring public as dogs

As Bigg Boss Tamil 3 enters into the most exciting weekend so far, the audience will be eager to see the host Kamal Hassan discuss a lot of issues from the past week. The last week was filled with an array of controversies ranging from the fight between Sherin and Vanitha, Sakshi’s fight with Losliya during the animal awards nominations night and Losliya’s disrespectful, arrogant behavior against Mohan Vaidya.

However, according to latest reports Sakshi is out of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house and is seen discussing with the host Kamal Hassan. In one of the episodes last week, Sakshi is seen discussing with Sherin and stated that her relationship with Tharshan looks cute on screen outside the house.

However, Sakshi appears to not clearly understand the context. While the audience claim that she is acting,  Kamal Hassan triggers Vanitha and asks her why she is not talking when he is asking her to (meaning she only talks when it is unwanted?).

Sakshi made a blunder knowingly or unknowingly inside the house. The audience is the back bone of a show like Bigg Boss Tamil 3. At one instance, in the pretext of consoling Sherin she ended up calling the audience as ‘barking dogs‘ and asked Sherin to ignore them.

sakshi calling public opinion as dog barking

The audience are furious as Sakshi’s comments were totally unwelcome. The audience feel she does not deserve to stay in the house and she owes an apology to them. The audience do not make personal remarks and contestants of a show like Bigg Boss are bound to be commented based on their behavior and character while staying in the house.

The 76th day of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 promises to be very entertaining as Kamal Hassan reveals the veil which Sakshi used to influence Sherin. She entered the house with a clear vengeance and gameplan. However, nothing of that sort can happen under the host Kamal Hassan’s vigil.

Let us know what you feel about Sakshi in the comments below.


  1. Bigg boss is moving like Fish Market. Ban the programme and take action against Jamal Hassan, since Vanitha (is also a participant) is coming reentry and gave trouble to other participants.

  2. Sakshi acts good and not a good hearted person. As long as Vanitha is inside the house, it is better not to see the program. What a dominant, I’ll hearted woman she is. She will apoil everybody in the world if she is given a chance. Why she is always having cheap mentality? The world know about her. She is not even 1% eligible to talk about anybody. She should shut her dirty mouth.

  3. Big boss and vijay tv is fake
    Cheran is good man
    This is not makkal thierbu vijay tv thierbu
    Fake big boss
    Malayalam big boss is good
    True tv show

    • I totally agreed statement bro. Cheran is the best among the BB house contestants.
      I confused why he was evicted. He is a and straight forward person and not back biting anybody.
      Is the vote is makkal theerpu or …..?

  4. Though vanitha is rude and dominant, she is the only woman who sees a problem in all dimensions and gives straight forward opinions…sherin and that’s an flirting is so open… .that is why vanitha questions Kamal Hassan ..what else they are expecting to happen here? He couldn’t give answer..simply escaped by insulting her.
    Losliya and Kavin we’re also flirting in the same way and defended it was just friendship but now.. you can see their colours. Throw out losliya and Kavin out..
    Losliya is definitely a chameleon , so arrogant and acts to be cute in front of camera..we can see only ugly face of hers..she is fake. Kavin is a street dog who goes behind all girls..


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