Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 70 Episode 71 September 1:”Why Didn’t You Defend Cheran When Kavin Claimed Cheran Was Doing Drama?” Frooty Caller Grills Losliya


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 had a pretty uneventful week with the village related tasks coming into the fray. It was a week filled predominantly with fun, frolic and minimal controversies. However, the weekend promises to be gripping considering the presence of the host, Kamal Hassan.

Losliya’s Fake Play Strategy Is Out In the Open? Frooty Caller Stumps Losliya

Though Losliya is considered as a front-runner for the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finals, the audience are now sensing Losliya’s strategy to sustain in the game. Her screen presence is uncompromising, thanks to the Kavin Losliya relationship saga which offers enough drama to keep this season afloat. Also, Cheran and Losliya’s father daughter relationship is being seen as drama and Losliya is playing along to keep her ties with Cheran strong.

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Last week, Cheran was questioned by Kavin if he was faking it with his affection for Losliya. A Frooty caller posted a question to Losliya asking why she was not angry when Kavin claimed that Cheran was doing drama with Losliya on the pretext of Losliya-Cheran relationship.

Losliya Breaks Down, ‘Losliya Army’ Claims She is Innocent

Losliya broke down while answering the question and she claimed that she was still unsure about what is real and what is fake. This question is sprouting another thought in the audience minds if Losliya is not fit enough to play the game in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Considering that she has spent 70 days in the house, it is surprising to see Losliya’s claim that she is still unable to find out who is real and who is fake with their affection for her.

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In general, Losliya clarified that though she is not sure about how others see her, she is true in her affection and love whoever she has expressed it in the show so far.

Is it the end of the road for Losliya in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. No Losliya is not fake she express the truth Cheran is acting now cos he says have to win so hv to think of being selfish Cheran does not have feelings as before or love towards anyone as father acting now a days he has nothing to chat only what’s to know what Losliya is doing if you see how he is questioning thurstan inquiry abt Losliya now a days laughing enjoying them tharstan replies she laugh also u asking y she is dull also u asking y what r expectations from her

  2. No Losliya deserves a winner she is not fake like others eg shakshi Sherine vanity’s says Losliya talks straight at once she does not wait and no 2 words so a person who is not acting but playing well only thing it takes a little time to think these guys are all acting sandy always looking at camera then talks same with others but just notice Losliya is to herself tasks she is playing not like Sherine backwards or frosti drink competition she is slow but she did not cheet obeys the rules

  3. She doesn’t deserve to be the winner, she made a mockery of Cheran’s feelings and concern for her. Kavin is a bad influence on her. She is emotionally insincere.

    • Cheran is biggest drama queen we ever saw in big boss.. looks like there is a section of media and film fraternity trying to glorify him at the cost of others. But Tamilians all over the world are not foolish. They will give a fitting reply to all those twisting the truth.

  4. Real BORE, this Los-Kavin love scenes have been in the recent weeks… Especially the constant camera focus and the constant artificial made up facial expressions of Losliya have created a genuine boredom in the minds of the viewers. True that Kavin family scenario outside has created a sympathy wave in favour of Kavin…. resulting in more and more of the Los-Kavin supporters wishing for Losliya’s eviction ! This caller also has proved that view !

    • What stupid family scenario of kavin . His family has cheated so many families in the name of chit fund so his mom was arrested . Actually like mom like son . Shameless womanizer he is . He is the biggest drama queen I have ever seen and I don understand how the people don have eyes . They should throw this entire losliya kavin and sandy gang out of big boss 3.kavin is only using dharshan for sympathy drama . In real life he is the bloody greedy for the title and acting .

  5. My support also goes for Los-Kavin as they very true and are getting possessive like Sakshi/Abirami . They are behaving as 2 grown up and also Kavin is so pure that he wants to support his friends and likes them to be the winner. Vanita please zip up and mind your own business.

  6. Everybody is fake they all have experience not Losliya Vanitha is founding new group with Cheran to compete the Boys Gang to be broken And Losliya is not to be blamed in full Kavin is showing his anger as well Cheran is on fatherly feeling he is showing also to Losliya but Losliya (she cannot be untrue any of them cos she is not acting she is not fake she is talking out her true feelings in her what she felt I vote 100 percent for Losliya she can be the winner she is strong but been caught for fake feelings sometimes so she is still trying gather the truth out she is young girl who does not know Vanitha is not required inside this House she is very very Dominent she trying to be the gudge and be on high court judges mother Sherine does not know Tamil speaking is very poor she is using English and she is also very fake acting trying to show she is good she is also flirtng with Thurstan Losliya has not given word to Kavin she says have to consider her parents after coming out but her finger tips even not touched Kavin with Romance so has limits and decent girl

  7. All r fake it is Vanitha who is troubleshooting lady why she was given reentry only biggboss knows
    She must b asked to change her attitude is she bigger than actual BIGGBOSS COMMANDING ALL VO CONTESTANTS

  8. Kavin is a shameless womanizer and a selfish person who pretends to be thyagi . Losliya is blind in love and full of attitude without a personality . All things considered , vanitha is a much better contestant


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