Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 69 August 31: Vanitha Becomes Captain of the House, Kavin’s Eviction and A Week Full Of Drama Awaits?

Vanitha Vijaykumar Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 had a pretty uneventful week with the village related tasks coming into the fray. It was a week filled predominantly with fun, frolic and minimal controversies. However, the weekend promises to be gripping considering the presence of the host, Kamal Hassan.

Vanitha Defeats Cheran and Mugen in the Captaincy Task

While the contestants await the eviction of Vanitha, the creator of controversies, a shocking twist – Vanitha becomes the captain of the house. As Cheran’s tenure with captaincy came to an end this week, Cheran, Vanitha and Mugen were in the fray for captaincy this week. According to the contestants, the fake elimination nominations include Vanitha this week. As Vanitha won the captaincy task which was memory related, she sported a happy face. At the same time, she commented that she would happily leave the house if evicted this week.

Till now, Bigg Boss Tamil 3 has not seen a captain being eliminated and we are sure Vanitha knows that as well.

Fake Elimination Mindset and Kavin’s Eviction News!

Also, it would be interesting to see how contestants prepare to face the elimination which isn’t going to happen. According to the housemates, Kavin is likely to be eliminated this week as he obtained the maximum number of votes from the contestants. However, the audience are by his side and #WeStandByKavin was trending after rumours about his eviction this week. Kavin’s mother is booked for a chit fund scam case and it is likely that Kavin might end up evicted in the same manner as Saravanan and Madhumita without any official mention of the reason for eviction.

kavin bigg boss eviction

Kavin and Losliya Patch Up After As Their Relationship Was Hit By Turbulence

Kavin is the most disturbed contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this week. A reason for this could be his elimination nomination and also the Boys group indirectly sidelining him. All these happenings are indirectly affecting Kavin’s behavior with Losliya which was evident over the last few episodes. This hurt Losliya in a big way and she broke down. However, Kavin is seen discussing things and trying to iron out issues with Losliya.

kavin losliya love

Will Kavin survive the weekend in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 ? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Hi kevin u just like your mom,grandmom & aunt all cheated people of their money. U want to cheat thak losliya of her money. GET LOST KEVIN U A DISGRACE TO VIJAY TV. VIJAY TV DO SOMETHING GOOD. ASK KEVIN TO GET LOST.

    • What you know about Kavin and kavin family. You not god OK.. Or police… Kavin family good or bad. You don’t know the real reason?. You not…don’t blame other family.

  2. If Vanitha keeps quiet regarding the issue between Cheran & Losliya everything will fall in linbeautifully. At the same time Cheran too feels that he might get evicted soon, that’s why that emotional speech & Crocodile Tears. If Losliya could have replied beautifully and bravely to all the questions asked by the public, he too could have faced them in the same way. The reason behind is the “Trigger -Woman”Vanitha who is all out to push out Losliya & Tharshan. Cheran too is showing his Inferiority complex, unable to be in par with the young ones, and so the escapism plan is to cry out to Tharshan. All of us can read between the lines!! Sorry about this, but we are with Losliya and want to see her in the Finals.

  3. Vanitha pesarathu sariyilla kavina target panni pesuranga kavinuku makal support pandranga athunala vanithaku poramaiya irukumonu enaku thonuthu vanitha romba overa pesuranga ellaraiyum thundividranga apadi thonuthu but my support kavin mugen

  4. Its so unreasonable to bring back a person has been kicked off for valid reson. Vanitha is the sheet ancher for all these problems in the house. Blady Hell, she behaves like a rowdy.
    She should be kicked out immediatly.


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