Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 64 Episode 65: “It is Game On, I will Knock You Guys Out of the House Soon. Wait and Watch” Kavin Snubs Sandy, End of the Boys Group Unity?


After a rather uneventful last week, the weekend episodes set the tone for the upcoming week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. The episodes with the host, Kamal Hassan are always gripping and this week proved to be very entertaining.

Kamal Hassan’s conversations with individual contestants by inviting them into the secret room seems to have created some ripples in the house.

Focus on Individual Game Plans Will Overrule Groupism?

The emphasis of Kamal Hassan to every potential finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 was just one thing – “focus on the individual game and find your strengths”. The show is entering its 64th day and with just 36 days and eight contestants left, the competition gets stiffer and tougher.

The conversation with Kamal Hassan seems to have awakened the serious game player in Kavin. Until now, Kavin is seen just as a romeo of this season’s Bigg Boss Tamil 3 and a member of the entertaining and ever united “Boys Group” which includes Sandy, Tharshan, Mugen and Kavin.

However, the impact of the enlightenment rendered by Kamal Hassan sparks off a conversation between Kavin and Sandy Master.

Kavin asks Sandy ” Do you think I will hangout with you guys and leave the show without any competition from my side? My plan is too knock each of you guys and then the others in the house!”

The Beginning of the End for the Boys Group?

With Kavin’s conversation and Losliya silently acknowledging his plans to stand up for himself, the game will take a crucial turn from here. Will the Boys group disorient and fall apart or will they stick on as they always have done?


Will Kavin face elimination this week and what are your reactions on seeing this face of Kavin? Let us know in the comments below..



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