Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 62 August 24th: New Wildcard Entry To Be Announced This Week?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 went on a roller-coaster of controversies post the inclusion of Vanitha in the house. However, the last week is seen as a calm period with no unwanted controversies. With a lot of controversies related to the show being dealt with outside the house, the makers of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 are highlighting the romance between Kavin and Losliya.

Alya Manasa as New Wildcard Entry or No Elimination Next Week?

This week’s elimination will be crucial. As Bigg Boss Tamil enters into its 62nd day, there will be eight contestants after this week’s elimination. It is a prerequisite to have at-least three contestants in the house for the final. Assuming one elimination per week, this prerequisite for the finals will not be met. Based on this calculation, the speculation of a new wildcard entry is becoming a serious story.

Alya Manasa is likely to be the new wildcard entry in the house. Alya earned great fan following with her serial Raja Rani where she starred alongside Sanjeev Karthick and the two began dating each other after the show.


Alya Manasa will be the right fit for the house as Kasthuri’s elimination leaves just three female contestants – Losliya, Vanitha and Sherin in the house. Apart from the gender balance, Alya is also young, energetic and good to go for tougher tasks which can be expected this week. She is also short tempered which is exactly what the makers will look forward to.


However, reports also suggest that if there are no wildcard entries announced in this week or the next, there is a possibility of one or two weeks ending up without any eliminations. The next week might not be seeing an elimination or if there’s an elimination planned, there will be a wildcard entry in this week or the next.

Kamal Hassan Refers to the “Fan Armies” and Lack of Long term Direction Among Contestants!

The nine contestants in the house as of today (out of which Kasthuri is likely to be eliminated this week), are blessed with a huge opportunity. Kamal Hassan refers to the fan armies which a lot of contestants in the house possess and how they are failing in the mission to become the commander of their armies.

The purpose of today’s conversation with the inmates by Kamal Hassan would be to set the tone for the final weeks and turn on the game mode for contestants who are losing their direction.



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