Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 56: “Elimination Will Happen Irrespective of Madhumitha’s Eviction”-Kamal Hassan, Last Day for Abirami in the House?


The culmination of controversies over the last week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 saw a shocking twist. Madhumitha’s eviction for her attempt to end her life was hard to digest for the millions of viewers, Kamal Hassan and her fellow contestants. Madhumita fell for Vanitha’s trap of “divide and rule” and ended up tarnishing her image. Facing eviction, Madhumita was at risk throughout the week, but she came from behind with an excellent performance in the captaincy task.

It was clearly a shocker considering Madhumita earned herself the captaincy and she was in a better position. However, “the Boys” group did not budge to her taunts and it was evident that she will be facing a tough time in the house.

Will Abirami’s Image Makeover Help or Is it Too Late?

The host Kamal Hassan reveals that elimination will be a reality irrespective of Madhumitha’s eviction. Kavin, Mugen, Losliya, Abirami are the remaining contestants facing elimination. A lot of people supported Abirami’s elimination considering the Mugen issue and her emotional instability. However, in the last two days she is a totally different person. Her own composed rap in the Helo app task and her maturity in discussions seems to be making the audience think twice. With that being said, it is a little too late for Abirami to seek redemption in the house?

The audience vote numbers are totally against her and there is a huge gap between her count and those of Losliya, Kavin and Mugen. The host Kamal Hassan also lauded Abirami and added that he was happy to see her in this manner. Abirami reiterated that this is her true self and she did not know how she lost herself in this emotional turmoil.


It was a week filled with surprises and shocks. Will this week’s elimination also spring a surprise by Kavin, Losliya or Mugen eliminated instead of Abirami? We have an exciting week ahead in the house.

Let us know who will be eliminated according to you this week in the comments below..


  1. Madhu cheated in the captaincy task. She was blindfolded but knew exactly where one of her blue alphabets that fallen on the ground. She also snatched a blue alphabet from Tharshan’s hand when he was groping around… She’s also has no patience or maturity to see the other point of an argument. So good riddance to her and her bigoted views.


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