Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 55: Kamal Hassan Snubs Vanitha, Audience Is Elated!


“Vathikuchi” Vanitha is the name which the senior contestant earned post her reentry in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. The audience is tired with her constant plots and imposing attitude in every issue in the house, irrespective of whether it involves her or not.

Weekends are pure bliss as the host Kamal Hassan reviews, analyzes the happenings in the house over the week. The last week was filled with Vanitha triggering controversies on various levels. It started with Mugen and Abirami’s relationship fiasco, triggering Madhumitha on the topic of women’s unity and so on.

The host Kamal Haasan took on the senior artist in the Tamil industry and made her listen to the audience’s applause when the topic of “koluthi poduvathu” (triggering a fight or controversy) was taken up. There was an instance where she told she will ask Kamal Haasan to keep the door of Bigg Boss house open for which the host told her it was wrong to use his name in such a situation.

Should Vanitha be punished for her actions in the house? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Shame. Disgraceful personality. She doesn’t deserve airtime/discussion/popularity fame.
    Vijay TV should not allow reentry of such character’s when popular audience voted out her unanimously. Please give respect to audience view. They voted her out becoz didn’t want to see her. Why push her once again through backdoor into house. For sensation content ?

  2. Vanitha is the worst person i have ever seen before.. BB n Vanitha should be punished for misusing the platform for creating clashes among the contestants.. Vanitha should never show her face in BB anymore..

  3. Stupid woman! Can’t take care of her own family but wants to be the leader of the BB house!
    Only good for creating fights among the contestants!
    She’s purposely creating an enmity by targeting the contestants outside of India like Mugen, Tharshan and Losliya. Poor Losliya got attacked just because she raised her voice and stood up for herself and her fellow contestants!!!
    Please ppl wake up! Vanitha is clearly creating a discord and wants to get these 3 out of the BB house.
    She’s trying to put those she dislikes in a bad light! She ought to be kicked out !
    Losliya is being clearly targeted and she has become like Oviya!
    At least the guys are nice to her. Hope she will not be hurt by this irritating woman!
    And hope Sherin will realise vanitha’s ill intention and move away from Vanitha and join with Losliya!

  4. She doesn’t like harmony because internally she’s in turmoil, fighting with parents, partners, children etc.
    She needs psychological treatment to fix her problems first.


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