Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 53 : Vanitha Provokes Tharshan, Her Plot is Well on Track!

Vanitha Vijaykumar Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil

Vanitha’s reentry is a blessing in disguise for the TRPs of Big Boss Tamil 3. It is controversies galore every since she set afoot in the house for the second time this season.

Decoding Vanitha’s Plot – A Detailed Report

Vanitha’s on a mission this time and it has “Divide and Rule” written clearly all over it. There are instances when fellow contestants understand her plot, while her strategies in most other times are hard to decode.

Plot #1: Playing the Mediator in Mugen – Abirami Relationship Fiasco – Day 52

Vanitha’s first target ever since she entered the house has been Mugen Rao. Mugen enjoys a lot of fan base and his image has been admirable this season. Vanitha knew Mugen’s short tempered side and was waiting for the right moment to trigger it. She used the Abirami-Mugen relationship drama and openly debated it when it was clearly a personal issue between the two contestants. Mugen gave in and showed his angry avatar while Abirami crumbled with her emotions. This was expected of Abirami but Mugen lost his cool which was unwarranted for. It was a psychological win for Vanitha with this plot.


Plot #2: Trigger Madhumita | Play the Women’s Unity Card – DAY 52

Madhumita and Sherin are clear threats to Vanitha’s long run in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house. Vanitha used the right moment to trigger Madhumita who accused the men in the house of ‘using’ the women for their personal gains this season. Though the claim was totally uncalled for, Madhumita damaged her positive image by provoking Kavin. Escalated tensions are the new normal in the house and this time, Madhumita gave in to Vanitha’s plot.

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However, the game is not over yet for Vanitha is this regard. Sherin and Losliya are not going to budge for her women’s unity drama.


Plot #3: Provoke Tharshan | Break the Gang’s unity – DAY 53 (TODAY!)

Tharshan is the most favorite contestant to win the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 title. His image is admirable and his fan base is expanding by the day. Vanitha’s next target is Tharshan and she wishes to show his ugly, short tempered side this time. However, this plot is not going to be easy at all.

Tharshan, Mugen, Sandy, Kavin, Losliya and Sherin are very united when it comes to Vanitha’s plot or any other incidents within the house. Every time Mugen or Kavin are provoked, Tharshan, Sandy and Losliya are stepping up for them. This is definitely not a good sign for Vanitha. Only time will tell if she is clever enough to divide the unity of the gang and pave her way to the final days in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

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  1. Vanitgayum antga kaakaavum thookki podungappa. I have never seen better behaved boys like these four in a long while, highly entertaining too. Sad, Madhumitha, one contestant who has the ability to go to finals has fallen for Vanitga’s bait. Sherin is good, but can she hold on to her position?

    • Dei neeyum porrukkiyaadaa. Antha sandy naaikkum kavin pottaikkum support pandriye un veetla ladies a illayaadaa. Antha porukkingalakku support pandriyada naaye

  2. We often end up thinking that the people who don’t talk much are the better contestants. For instance, Losliya was admired crazily in the beginning. Eventually people are asking if she’s faking. That’s what the game is all about. That might or might not be the case with sherin as well.

  3. No matter what end the day, it’s just a game , not a destination of life. If each contestants have the ability to think and act wisely would be probably appreciated. This is a show, something like WWF . Well planned . Crazy stuff

  4. It is a disgrace for the Bigboss3 management to bring back Vanitha who was ejected not only because she was judged to be unfit but an ordinary person in the not so well to do district in Chennai has a better vocabulary and tongue to communicate. It is a mistake that the Bigboss3 has duped to such a low level by bringing the racist Vanitha who picks on Tamils or other nationals and not to mention “males” – because of the family issues that she is currently facing. Mathumitha has limitations and I sincerely hope that Vanitha is sent back where she belongs. She is a disgrace to the noble Tamil culture and Vanitha should be pushed out – earlier the better. Pathima ? on the other hand who was ejected before is a decent lady and respected all the occupants of the house. We from outside know very well that you wish to make this program interesting but I am sorry to say that after Vanitha’s re entry the standard of the program has gone down and please remove her at once. ( I have watched all three Bigboss programs and I would say Julie on the first program was better behaved than Vanitha).

  5. Very good acting by Losliya. This is not a singing competition. Sandy master over acting pannathinga. Please eliminate Losliya.losliya romba nalla act pannuranga. Losliya behaviour is very cheap.

  6. The show is such an eye watch. Bigg boss 3 is such a humiliation. The contestants are all very cheap charactered. They don’t know that this is just a game show & acting cheaply and fighting in the name of truth. Vanitha is clearly looking out to execute her plans . She’s such a characterless woman , using her self to bring about disunity …..she should be home cooking ….and looking after her family……this is the worst season.

  7. The bigg boss show is such an eye watch. Please remove Vanitha she’s such a useless woman. Characterless & cheap. This is just a game show but all the contestants act like they don’t know this , such a disgrace to watch these men & women fighting all the time.


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