Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 53 : Madhumita Loses Her Cool, Lashes Out at Kavin! Vanitha’s Plot Successful?


The last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 was the most gripping one by all means. Vanitha’s reentry into the house is creating ripples, as expected.

Vanitha seems to be on a mission to divide and rule. She seems to be misleading Madhumita by playing the ‘women contestants’ unity’ card. However, Sherin and Losliya are not budging and so is the new entry Kasthuri who exhibited her differneces with Vanitha.

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Even though Vanitha is not succeeding in uniting the women contestants against the men, she seems to be triggering Vanitha against the group well.

Did Madhumita Go a Tad too Far With Her Frustration?

In Big Boss Tamil 3 Day 53, Madhumitha makes some extreme comments related to Kavin’s flirtatious attitude with four women in the house. She starts off with her rants about being ‘used’ by the male contestants during her tenure in the house. She claims that she will leave the house if the door is opened for 10 minutes.

With eliminations round the corner, Madhumita might be sent out of the door by the audience due to her recent dances to the tunes of Vanitha.

Losliya Steps Up For Kavin?

When Madhumita makes a comment about Kavin’s game with four women in the house, Losliya steps in and asks her to think before she speaks as she is involved in Kavin’s statement.

losliya homely

However, with the house boiling on all sides, Vanitha seems to be a silent winner with her cunning plot to publicly debate the Abirami-Mugen relationship spat.

Day 52 was revolving around just one issue and it was blown out of proportions by Vanitha’s mediation.

Drama Unfolds At the Right Time!

Though Mugen and Abirami mutually apologized to each other, elements in the house seem to be making the most of the current situation in the house.

Madhumita is doing the wrong thing at the wrong thing considering the mammoth support Kavin, Mugen and other male contestants in the house have currently. Facing the risk of elimination this week, Madhumitha’s move might backfire against her.

Do you think Madhumita and Vanitha were right? Is Abirami being made the scapegoat? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. ? Loslya is fake. She is using all the guys there for staying in bigg boss. She loves Kavin so she thought Sakshi as disturbance so nominated her continuously. Now she could freely talk to Kavin. Now she feels Sherin and Madhu as her competitors because everyone considered Sherin as Angel and Madhu, a good performer in all Tasks. so, now she started nominating them. She is not true acting and lying by telling that Kavin is her friend. But whatever may be for TRP bigg boss 3 will not evict her now

  2. Bigg boss not this point kavin is a junior artist how can he tell a sinior of artist kashthuri mam { kakka} immidiatly your want to take a action kavin mast goto the sicret room

  3. Am unhappy with what’s going on bigg boss house… what vanitha doing inside? From the day she enter that house.. it’s all about fight… and what happen to Mugen was not right… mathu is crossing her limits without her knowing… spoiling her name by helping others…

  4. I agree, how can Kavin and Sandy comment on senior artists like Kasthuri and Cheran, calling them names like Kaka and Cycle….if this is their attitude they will never shine in life,,,that’s guaranteed. If a Director gives them an oppurtunity tomorrow this is how they will make fun of them too. No respect for age or experience. And Kamalhassan encourages Sandy which is all the more hypocritical because when Saravanan spoke in singular about Kamal he had him evicted but Sandy is continuously disrespecting everyone in the name of fun right from the start but Kamal encourages that!!! pah what double standards….Enna Kamalji ungalukku vantha ratham aduthavangalukku vantha thakali chutney ya….

  5. Vanitha was evicted from Big Boss 3 since majority viewers voted her out and didn’t want her to continue. Then why she has been brought in again ? Is this the way Vijay TV respects viewers’ decision. If they want to take their own decision and bring in or send out participants as they wish, then viewers need not spend their time and energy to vote. It is a big joke. Please send Vanitha out immediately. Majority viewers do not want her. She is the most uncultured specimen.

  6. PLS KICK THAT VANITHA OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE.Mattravargaludaiya sandaiyil kulir kayum oru kevalamana jenmam.Manusha jenmamae illai.Vaetru ulaga jenmangal kooda eppadI illai endru ninaikkiraen.

  7. The two criminals Sandy and Kavin has to evict from the house. These two unsuccessful juniors are worthless. They should know to respect Seniors. Cheran Sir, one of our gem director. All of his movies tells his quality. Who is this idiots Sandy and Kavin. Theruvila paarthen rendu perraiyum adiche konnuduvenda

  8. Kavin n Sandy teasing every one. Losliya calling kasturi mam without respect is not accepted. She has attitude as she has lot of support from audience. Even darshan getting headweight. Kamal sir this should not be allowed. Losliya is really fake. Sir please don’t encourage such things in ur show. Boys are really horrible

    • Exactly. Sandy, Kavin and Vanitha are the worst criminals. Sandy we know as porrukki. Kavin, cant tell he is a worst guy sorry gay in the house. Vanitha bajjaari

  9. Madumitha say the truth of boys but big boss is not responding Madumitha y, when Saravana told that in teenage this big boss told not to continue in this house. All four boys r doing in front of u cheating girl.y big boss not taking any decision. Now also girls r Missuseing by boy. So out all the boys from house

  10. Stupid show. What are they trying to prove?
    1. Reveal people’s behaviour.
    2. Make people famous through their behaviour.
    3. Getting them a change in film world by showing their good and bad behaviour.

    Stupid mentality of Vijay Tv to reveal people’s behaviour to public and you call it a show.

  11. i dont want kathuri madam and cheran sir to be evicted, these boys and losliya are very cunning, i think she tries to be oviya, but, she cant because oviya is always oviya, but here losliya is acting, i cant digest their attitude in that house, i miss madhu, somehow she made mistake but she is not 100% fake, but these guys are always kidding others feelings, and losliya loves kavin so whatever he does for her its correct, cheran sir pl dont be affectionated on her she is not at all worth for your love. she is very very bad, please people dont vote blindly for sandy and tarshan try to look carefully then put your vote for right person, i have seen kasthuri mam honestly revoked her points on social issues, just compare who is best before your voting, it means it is valuable.

  12. see here girls are co operating to the boys, honestly no one push them to do, so all the mistakes in girls only, madhu why did you fight for these worthless girls, its their future whatever they want to do and face why you involved and damaged your name, i miss you madhu, try to come again and fight with them and dont believe anyone except cheran and kasthuri.


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