Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 52: Vanitha Consoles Abirami, Blames Mugen Rao for the Relationship Chaos


The re-entry of Vanitha Vijayakumar is creating the expected chaos and controversies which is needed to churn the TRPs for Bigg Boss Tamil 3 in the right direction. Mugen Rao and Abirami are in the limelight for their relationship controversy. While Abirami agreed that she was the one who was more into the relationship, Mugen Rao already mentioned about his girlfriend’s name in the Bigg Boss house.

Mugen Rao was blamed by Madhumita and Vanitha for using Abirami’s love and affection for his own personal gain. She added, ” If at all Mugen was just interested in friendship, he should have maintained his distance with Abirami”.

Mugen confessed that he got closer with Abirami from the second week. Abirami was very expressive with her liking for Mugen and hence, they got closer. Abirami began exhibiting possessiveness while Mugen denied that he is not possessive when it comes to Abirami.

The whole house debates the Abirami-Mugen relationship fiasco and things are bound to get hotter from here.

Interestingly, Mugen, Abirami are both facing eliminations this week. However, Abirami is likely to get eliminated as she failed to make the most of her time in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Her performance in ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ was scintillating and she failed to create a market for her, said Vanitha.


Abirami loses her cool by saying that she is here to clear the air about her character and there is no ganging up involved.

Who do you think is at fault? Mugen or Abirami? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Abhirami should be eliminated, she wasted her time throughout the 50 days, she played victim and took advantage of Mugen’s genuinity. Kavin declined her proposal, and Tharshan was not an easy target, so she took advantage of Mugen, since he’s from Malaysia. In fact, in many situations Mugen tried to save her face by not embarrassing her and she failed to realise it.

  2. Abi should be eliminated not giving a young Malaysian boy a chance to perform well in BB house. She is always tagging him around. Vanitha should not comment on only Mugen faults she should also target Abi for her worst cry baby attitude. It irritate us to watch her cry baby attitude. STOP SILLY BABY CRYING ATTITUDE…..!!!!

  3. A 30 year old immature, emotional and daft woman pining for the love of someone who clearly said no from the beginning is rather embarrassing. Just because he is decent and is not taking advantage of her, she is playing victim. How many times must he say no. Stupid or what.

  4. Mugen deserves to be saved. It is not wrong to be friends with someone and friends spend time together. Abhirami has said before that she loves Mugen but expects nothing from him and is okay with remaining friends. So of course Mugen will not reject Abhirami explicitly and avoid her because he values their friendship. Abhirami is being too dramatic. I’m not meaning to say that her crying is an issue but the blame is not put wholly on Mugen which is not right. Mugen is trying not to hurt her feelings further and remaining friends. Her apology, I feel, was not genuine and therefore, I think she should go out.

  5. Abiramiku oru boy kude palaga limit therinjirukanum..athu enna avalukku 100% na mugenku 200% soldrathu tappu irukkunu soldrathu..oru paiye avalode feelings eh purinji ava manasukku kasta paddure kudathunutha mugen avakidde pesunaru… Athutha abiramiku idamkuduthatha artham ah oru girlku avalode limit theriyatha..oru paiya idam kudutha avantha tappu solluvingala…whts tis… ???

    • Nerkonda parvai training pàa….eventhough she makes mistakes unmorality she can be saved by people like ak in the movie now vanitha in bb3.if a woman have no morality she cant blame anyone for her actions

  6. I want to save abirami get out from bb malaysisn guy mugin go malaysian tv muhin shall we participate malaysian tv plz think people always vijay tv favour other tv people’s

    • Mugen will be safe. I think u have the same problem and character as abi. That’s y u want to save her. What is ur problem if one Malaysian played well in bb. Don’t judge or see someone country or color. The importance is he is also an Indian. U don’t be stupid by judge others. People knew who should be saved. Next time think before uploading a comment.


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