Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 104: Which Is Your Favorite Love Bird Couple of Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Vote Now!

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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is drawing to a close this weekend. With just three days left in the competition, the finalists – Losliya, Sherin, Sandy and Mugen battle it out for the title winner spot. The last 100+ days on Bigg Boss Tamil 3 has been an incredible blend of fights, laughter, controversies and romance.

There have been a lot of lovely moments in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Love was always in the air irrespective of whether it was revealed out or not. Love is an important element of Bigg Boss and probably the most decisive factor when it comes to the future of certain contestants.

Kavin and Sakshi

Kavin and Sakshi were the first love birds of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Though the duo had an unpleasant end to their relationship they were touted as the Aarav and Oviya of this season. Kavin’s playboy image came into light from this relationship. However, the ending wasn’t as sweet as it was expected to be.

Kavin and Losliya

Kavin and Losliya’s chemistry was adorable. Though the relationship did not get a lot of encouragement from Losliya’s family, the duo set the benchmark for a cute love story in the history of Bigg Boss. Though it was attempted to conceal it, the duo’s affection for each other was out in the open.

kavin loyalty tested

Sherin and Tharshan

Sherin and Tharshan did not share any romantic moments but the audience did feel a tingling feeling when the duo were spotted together. Sherin denied any relationship with Tharshan beyond friendship. However, it was pretty obvious that Sherin had a sweet little thing for Tharshan. The duo shared a lot of happy, cute moments in the house.

bigg boss 3 tamil vanitha nominating Tharshan

Mugen Rao and Abirami

Mugen and Abirami shared a very unique connect and Abirami was all over him at one point. Mugen is definitely lovable and Abirami was a good, genuine person too. However, love blossomed and faced a dramatic end when Mugen mistook her feelings for friendship. A lot of fans wanted Mugen and Abirami to get serious about their relationship but it did not happen.


Which is Your Favorite Couple in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Vote Now!

Which Is your Favorite Couple in Bigg Boss Tamil 3?

Kavin and Sakshi
Kavin and Losliya
Mugen and Abirami
Tharshan and Sherin



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