Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 102 October 2:”Are You Playing A Very Safe Game Sandy?” Media Questions Sandy During the Press Meet inside the House!

bigg boss 3 tamil sandy praising kavin

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completed its eventful 102nd day. The finalists, Losliya, Mugen, Sandy and Sherin are playing a very happy game in the final days. The evicted contestants are making their way into the Bigg Boss house. It was Vanitha, Abirami, Kasthuri, Sakshi and Cheran’s turn to enter the house.

The first ever press conference took place inside the house. Reporters from eminent news houses were present to question the finalists. One of the reporters posted a very genuine question which has been in the minds of the audience.

bigg boss sandy wife daughter entering bb house

The question posted to Sandy was, “Though you cry at times, are you playing a very safe game? Is this also a part of your strategy?”

For this, Sandy responded saying, “I’ve cried whenever my daughter’s topic has been taken. I am very worried if she will forget me.”

However, the answer given by Sandy was also seen as safe play. He was mildly irked by the question but he kept his calm lived up to his character. Sandy has been a massive entertainer in this season of Bigg Boss 3. Interestingly, Sandy was always portraying a positive image and never showed his negative side which was an amazing strategy. A lot of contestants who got evicted for showing their temperment.

sandy or kavin who is right

Even when a lot of discussions about the fights over the 100 days took place, Sandy was hardly seen in any of the events.

Is Sandy genuine or is he playing his game well?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sandy has no character and his attitude is “I don’t care about you”. He evades the question and sometimes or most of the time he never answers any question.

    He may sound and look like someone with little “grey matter” up there. Blames it on his child to get sympathy votes. His fake cries are for votes and many fall prey to that. His strategy.

    Never gets into any controversies. If he’s cornered he “divorces” himself from the situation. It has shown in his 1st marriage. Weak person. He doesn’t deserve to the Champion. Weak attitude and no character doesn’t deserve the Championship.

  2. I fully agreed and support to Mr Rajenthran’s comment! Sandy is a coward mark gamer. Play the game with false and cheating tears…..

  3. I am not sure how the guys in the house love to listen to Sandy’s childlike voice which does not suit him.
    leave it to the children Sandy.
    Monotonous .
    Losliya is genuine.
    I would love to see her n Kavin marry .
    my husband n I won’t mind an invite.
    Sherin is a fake.
    Her ‘Oh my God’is not on.
    I don’t know what she found attractive in tharshan .
    Besides he looks too young for her.
    To his girlfriend on the outside good for you if you left him.
    Magen does not take sides so he’s ok.
    But Losliya is very genuine n has good values .
    Our vote goes out to her.


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