Bigg Boss Tamil 15th January 2021: Shivani questions Balaji while Suresh Chakravarthy consoles him for his actions

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Shivani Balaji Suresh

We saw in the first promo that Shivani came to the Big Boss house today as a special guest and talked excitedly to everyone else except Balaji. In the second promo, Rekha praises Shivani as a singa penn, and Sanam stands next to Velmurugan to say ‘challenging task.’

Shivani asked Balaji,who looked pale “How are you?” and Balaji said, “I am fine.” Shivani then asked Balaji, ‘Why are you pale and sick?’ Balaji said, ‘That’s not all, I’m fine.’ Shivani then turned around and walked away without even expecting Balaji’s reply after hearing, ‘I have been looking pale since I came’,. It seems certain that she is completely ignoring Balaji.

What could be why Shivani, who was a close friend of Balaji even during the 95 days that she was inside the BB house. She seem to have changed after getting evicted as her mother would have advised her to stay away from Balaji and netizens have been questioning the reasons for her strange behaviour.

The scene where Shivani and Balaji are convto avoidird promo video. In it, Shivani asked Balaji why he talked about her like that and Balaji asked what he said. Balaji asks as if he knows nothing about that. When Shivani asks the same thing again again, Balaji replies that he have not said anything wrong about her, Shivani says again that she saw it on TV while back home and Balaji apologises to her if there was anything wrongly portrayed about her.

Then tears welled up in Balaji’s eyes, ‘Why are you crying now? Shivani asks. In this situation, Suresh Chakravarthy comforts Balaji by saying, ‘You didn’t say anything wrong, I saw it too, what you did was not wrong, 100% I will tell her in advance’.

On the whole, it seems that Balaji is very saddened by the evicted contestants who came to the Bigg Boss house throughout this week and understands that was portrayed negatively outside and it has spread too much.


  1. I used to like Shivani. She is a Chameleon too.
    Just to appease her money minded mother who does not want her daughter to settle in life, she talks rude to Bala. Bala really felt that she is a child who should not be pressurized. He meant all good for a close person.

    The mother who does not mind her daughter posing all kind of weird sensuous dances, gets upset when she wakes up Bala.
    Shameful woman.

    This girl needs guidance. Messed up in the head.


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