Bigg Boss Shivani Narayanan promotes Kajal Agarwal starrer new web series ‘Live Telecast’

Shivani Narayanan Live Telecast Promo

A video of Big Boss Shivani claiming that a thrilling show like Big Boss is waiting for the audience again is currently going viral.

The 100-day Bigg Boss show is over. If you want to talk about the show’s experience, you have to start from the first day. The surprise of the first day was indescribable. How are the contestants going to spend so many days with strangers? They went inside and kept thinking the same thing until everything was set.

Once again, a thrilling experience like Big Boss is now going to be available to the audience. Audiences will get similar incidents in the web series ‘Live Telecast’ starring Kajal Agarwal. In the video, Shivani said that the web series ‘Live Telecast’ will air on Hotstar on February 12, 2021.

The video is currently going viral after Shivani Narayanan posted it on her Instagram as a promotion for the web series ‘Live Telecast’ directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Kajal Agarwal. The video has been viewed by over 4 lakh viewers and is currently going viral.


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