Bigg Boss Season 3 Update – “WeStandForKavin” trending on Twitter, Will Kavin get Evicted this Week like Saravanan?

kavin bigg boss eviction

Bigg Boss Kavin’s mother and grandmother are sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment by Trichy court on Thursday August 29, 2019 on a chit-fund fraud case. While Kavin inside Bigg Boss house doesn’t know about it people online have started making abusive comments about him and started associating him with the cheating case. Even some media houses have started writing bad things about Kavin regarding this case while he was not related to it.

Now WeStandForKavin is trending widely on twitter throughout India and even surpassed Saaho which is trending on Twitter. People are showing support to Kavin via this hash tag as they feel Kavin is not to be linked with this case and he is inside Bigg Boss house and not aware of things happening outside. There are reports that Kavin might get evicted from the house this week just like Saravanan few weeks ago. Everyone is strongly against it and the hash tag proves it, Will Vijay Tv and Bigg Boss take a note of what is happening online? Will they support Kavin in this issue. We have to wait and watch. Share your views on this in the comments.


  1. i have been following BIGG BOSS daily…Kavin shouldn’t be involved in his mum’s case…He is playing fair inside BIGG BOSS…I favour the 4 boys …THARSAN …SANDY…KAVIN and MUGEN RAO….

    • Kavin is not that serious as a player.i think he is used to getting things easily as his parent and etc are used to cheating and having things knowing his mom’s case which he knew before coming here he is not a straight forward person.i am not for him at all.

  2. Kavin should have eliminated weeks ago. Saravanan got evicted for the childhood mischief for which he apologised genuinely and felt sorry for what happened. Still he got evicted and kavin is still safe although he played and flirt with four girls inside. Shame on you bigg boss.

  3. SHAKSI AGARWAL just stop all talks about Kavin and move on with your life. Kavin is now lost in the desert and he knows how to outcome that himself. There are better snd bigger fish in the Ocean for you. Abi carry on with your career. You are beautiful snd tslented. Everything in life will fall into place as your fate. Telling your points on media just damages your image. Media likes masala and rekindles and stirs stories.

  4. Sakshi better u stop to talk against kavin , absolutely he is wrong but same wise sakshi even losliya are not all good, if u are all good means you should stand and prove, but u people are going behind him, it is ur mistakes try to correct first, then try to talk other’s mistakes, and their family issues about laundering money and sentenced for 5 years all, honestly we should not talk others when down, god will give solution for it, om sai ram

  5. Kavin is such a disaster n plays a cunning strategy. Los a very cheap attitude. If her attitude continues downfall in film industry n will do serials only. Both shud be out before any physical thingy happens

  6. Kavin is so irritating. I don’t understand how people support him. Both Kavin and Los are 420. I wish Cheran or Sherin should be a title winner.

  7. Kavin should be thrownout of the house immediately. Twitter is trended because of his paid supports. Both Kavin and Los do not have any moral values and never ever respect others. I wish Cheran or Sherin should be a winner for their humanitarian behavior. .


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