Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil – Is Sherin getting evicted tonight?

bigg boss 3 tamil sherin eviction

Multiple sources says Sherin may get evicted from Bigg Boss house tonight. But various news agencies have contacted online polls about which contestants they will save in Bigg Boss tonight and it seems to be a close call between Sherin, Cheran and Losliya. Kavin is saved by his fans and leading by a huge margin while Cheran and Sherin are trailing down at the bottom. They have only few numbers between them so it may go on either side.
UPDATE – Sherin saved, who gets eliminated? Read here

bigg boss tamil september 20 eviction
This weekend with Kamal Hassan will be closely watched by everyone as the eviction is too tight to predict. TheNewsCrunch is predicting it will be either Sherin or Cheran. If Losliya gets evicted then it will be a huge shock. What you guys think? Comment below.


  1. There’s nothing to get shoced about if Los gets eliminated as she is not competitive enough as Sherin. I am just surprised of the fact that Kavin is getting saved each week when I hear people say that he needs to get evicted. Is it some robo calls been made to save him?

    • for a normal human being it will be shocked only heartless animals dont feel that.she only talks the truth thats why she is been trilled everyday.

    • Literally,,, why d hell ka in is been saved… In what is he good at… Bloody he does nothing… What, r we fools to watch the show for no good reason.. Tharshan,mugen, even cheran is giving his best for his age… Bloody he not sincere to any one.. Not as friend to sandy or for Sakshi…. R we fool… We all know he was back of shakski…

      Vanitha.. She is what she is… Sherin OK she is good and straight forward…. Literally we will not promote this show any more if kavin gets highest votes and we don’t want him to be in finals…. Bloody kavin.. Shit on you…

    • Kavin is not worthy of reaching the finals..never seen him giving a tough fight till now..always sluggish and laid back..his feelings towards girls changing like changing his shirt..he’s the only one till now who has not been selected for captaincy..that speaks for his poor performance from day 1..their love not true..once out of bb house im sure it will disappear..sherin cute and true in d house

  2. Waste and worst to have kavin and Losliya…She need to spend time with their parents to get normal…I have not seen a person like kavin…Very worst and waste…Useless…

  3. Nothing shock Los and kavin both of them not participating in good way. They want to enjoy as a couple in BB3 House. Boring to see their love or friendship what ever.

  4. Sherin is very worst kinda of girl thank god least Kavin n los r true to each other but sherin shares her love to everyone she uses all d tym baby baby saying r love u love u to every boy over der

  5. Kavin is hero and Los is heroine of the Bigg Boss. Whatever be the tough and problem on the way, the end will be “HERO WON THE SHOW”

  6. Kavin is a bad example for the future generations. He has huge fans base. How….is this world changing to vulgar. He is really an animal not human

    • You are correct. He is a womanizer. One day before entered the bigg boss his 3 years relationship broken. In bigg boss 2nd day love with a girl and later on Sakshi. He was with her and loved her. When he saw Los he through Sakshi and stick on with Los. He is a very bad example animal. But our tamil people doesn’t have the knowledge to choose the wright person in politics too. This is very sad.

    • There’s nothing to get shock at all. Just throw kavin and losliya out from BB, they are just so annoying and let them got out and continue their love story. Sherin is doing do much better than Los and Kavin.

  7. Losilya should get eliminated. She must out before Kavin and know realty. Hope BB send her out first than Cheran and after that Kavin. He is not fit to go to finals.

  8. Aiyo! Somebody please send that irritating aunty Sherin out! Her drama is becoming worse everyday! She WILL NOT win the show anyways.. I cannot see that fat cow another week

    • Its people s vote but Vijay tv which is saving kavin..guess he created a vote bank before entering bb..hate his dull,impassive,emotionless sure sandy will realise kavin s true colours and severe his friendship with kavin once out of bb

  9. Kavin is being who he , that’s all. I also started liking Kavin and hope he win the BIG BOSS as he don’t think much .A part of that he is not back stepping anyone.Sherin and Cheran the other side did gossip. Sherin especially listen to her friends and shouted the Madhumitha .Everyone has different view it up to how we interpreting it.

  10. We are from Malaysia watching Bigg Boss first off all Kavin and los should I mean should go out and make love,both of not bothering about other contestants they only want to make love Kavin is the worst

  11. Kavin and losliya should be voted out of BB… all the others are in the spirit of playing the game how it should be played .. these two have not understood why they were selected for this show .. with so many reminders if they cannot understand … it’s high time to send the off… grobr

  12. Kavin is always saved by VJ TV. He and Los are the more useless contestants in Big Boss Season 3. Los is very very cunning fox. She needs to evicted. She and Kavin are on their own world.

  13. Kavin is not being saved by Vijay TV but by his fans. He has the highest votes!!

    I wish Sherien gets evicted. I can’t tolerate her attitude and overacting.

    Losliya might not seem competitive. Her actions are actually louder than fake words of others. She s playing well!!

  14. Totally this bigboss 3 totally time defenetely anybody not going to watch like this irrittating one having game sprit..Literally says koothadichutu irukkangainga except Cheran

  15. I don’t know how this idiot kavin as been saved every time by Vijay tv not by people, they should vote out kavin and losliya. This is not reality show, this is scripted one.
    It is very clear to every one, that kavin is the worst performer in the show. But he is still in the show what a shame to vijay Tv.


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