Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Cheran Eliminated, Losliya crying Is it real or fake? Watch Online

bigg boss season 3 september 8 cheran eviction

There is a new promo for Bigg Boss 3 Tamil day 77 8th September 2019, In this promo we can see that Cheran getting eliminated. As TheNewsCrunch predicted earlier that Cheran will get evicted from the Bigg Boss House this week. Kamal Hassan is asking Cheran what he learnt from the house, Cheran answers it was a good experience to be a part of this house. He said he came to this house to get some experience, at that time the camera zooms into the elimination card that Kamal holds in his hand. It shows the name of Cheran.

Vote here – Is Losliya crying for Cheran elimination fake or real.
He says he saw who are friends and what type of people will be there, he get to meet different types of people from the house. Now Kamal Hassan shows Cheran’s name and ask him to come to the stage. Cheran thanks everyone and prepares to leave.

Losliya Crying for Cheran Is it fake or real?

Initially we don’t see Losliya reacting to Cheran’s statement but in the end she was crying saying she should be the one going out, Cheran said it’s ok I expected it. Vanitha too didn’t understand what was happening. Is Losliya really crying or just trying to get sympathy from audience and housemates?


  1. Losli crying is really I also crying for ceran sir eliminate vantha or sherin come out please ceran sir come back to big boss please please please

  2. BB enna nadakuthu public voting solring bt public vote potu vanitha eliminate Panna nenga again wildcard entry vantha so public voting ena respect iruku cheran sir please go back to BB house

  3. Real I love losliya always she is true, honest,Guts ni love her brave,childish,so cute I love losliya losliya losliya always……

  4. Yes Losliya is true sherine is fake she cd have been eleminated sherine cant talk tamil language not performing also task she is not active enough sherine cd hv been evicted Losliya vanitha strong contestants

  5. No Losliya is fake crying.Kavin should go outside because you see him doing romance. please send Losliya, Kavin and Vanitha. We can tolerate any more. BiggBoss playing fake vote or what. I hate this drama. please send these three out.

    • If romancing within the BB3 house is not acceptable BB could disqualify these contestants and remove them. Obviously BB wants Romance Games and quarrels to happen because their market research must have indicated what the public views with interest these.

    • If Loslya’s crying is fake so be it. What difference does it make? Fake or true ? BB programme itself is fake. How does this programme help the Tamil people, their culture, their well being and progress ? For sure Kamalahasan gets loads for anchoring the show x 2 days a week. The contestants suffer untold hardship within the confines of the house ,living in adverse conditions seperated from their loved ones with sixty cameras and a whole nation of Tamils prying into everything they do and speak in return for, perhaps, some progress in their professional life or an opening. The viewers get to feel important with drastic comments on some, based on the an hour’s edited telecast, under cover of anonymity. You tubers, who would otherwise be unemployed, get an opportunity to villify the contestants as fake, scheming cheaters etc. Some vocal contestants- Vanitha , Meera get away with blatant lies and have the cheek to air publicly confidential info -where was Vanitha’s mike when Shereen confided in her ?so my request to the people of TN and other is to view this programme as an entertainment only and a money spinner for some, for some so called elders- MV , Snhn etc an opportunity to hug and kiss ? Grope young females ? an alternative to the casting couch but this time, despite talk of Tamil culture , with the connivance of big boss. I wonder if s it culturally compatible that Tamil fathers in TN hug and kisss their daughters. I welcome your comments

  6. Losliya is crying because no one is going to support her from now on. She is an arrogant person. Absolutely rude girl. She was rude to Mohan Vaidhya as well.

  7. Does it matter to the viewers whether Losliya’s grief is true or fake? Either way the aim of the game is to win and the way to do that is to win the public support. Is it a crime? Losliya likes the relationship with Cheran Dharshan Abhirami and to a greater extent with Kavin . May the latter is love and may end up in
    Marriage do be it . Again it is not a crime There are many artists who are in some form of relationship – margined / living together but continue to be actors

  8. Asserting oneself and expressing one’s opinion ,without restrictions , is not arrogance but a the right of all infividusls regardless of age or any other factor. The idea of respecting elders etc is a 18th century concept Since then all human beings are equal.


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