Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil August 29 Day 67 – Sandy mocks Kavin in Villu Paatu Today’s Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil August 29

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil is still continuing with their Village task and this time the housemates are made to learn and play VilluPaatu as a part of their learning tamil traditional arts task. This video shows Sandy singing in Villupaatu about Bigg Boss’s lover boy, he was making riddles like who is Bigg Boss’s lover boy, who is the charming boy and Mugen shouts that’s Kavin as he had four lovers in the house.

Sandy was clearly mocking Kavin and he seems to appear uncomfortable, Losliya was seen laughing about it at the back. Will this create a riffle between Kavin and Losliya. Are all the housemates against Kavin’s love? Did Sandy do the right thing of making fun of Kavin. We have to wait and watch the episode tonight. Share your views in comments below.


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