Bigg Boss Samyuktha reveals her relationship with VJ Bhavana

Bhavana Samyuktha

The photos taken by Samyuktha, one of the contestants who attended the Bigg Boss show and Vijay TV anchor Bhavana, have gone viral on social media. Are these two sisters? Netizens raised the question.

Responding to this question from the fans on her Instagram, Bhavana said, ‘Samyuktha is not my own sister, but she is the sister I got through friendship.’

When fans asked Samyuktha the same question, Samyuktha replied, ‘Bhavana is not my sister, but she is a senior student who studied in my school. We both lived in adjoining houses. Bhavana’s relatives in Mumbai were currently staying at my house due to the COVID 19 problems. So I know her well.’

It’s well known that both VJ Bhavana and Samyuktha have done dance videos together, which have gone viral on social media.



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