Bigg Boss Sakshi Agarwal slams Rio for fighting with Anitha during open nomination

Sakshi Agarwal Bigg Boss Tamil 4

The innovative open Nomination took place this week as the nomination for eviction is being held every Monday at the Big Boss show. All the contestants nominated two fellow contestants and stated the reason for it.

But Rio only made one comment about Anita and then nominated two others without nominating her. Netizens allege that he said this about Anita during the nomination task because he thought that if a comment was made during the nomination it would go to the people without being edited.

Sakshi Agarwal, one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Season 3, has released a video of her opinion on the matter. In it she said: For the first time this week the open Nomination took place at the Bigg Boss House. It is a big task to open up about the reasons for being nominated. Reason can be said for what the nominee did, but reason should be appropriate and only about the contestant to be nominated. Rio talked about Anita, but he didn’t nominate her, this is wrong as he spoke about someone who is not in nomination.

The open nomination is a good thing. We will know the mistake we made. Sakshi Agarwal said, “If we leave it at that and play a positive game, we can go to the final.” Big Boss fans and netizens have been recording positive comments for this video of Sakshi Agarwal pointing out Rio’s mistake in the open nomination.


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