Bigg Boss runner Balaji Murugadoss tweets about Valentines Day, announces himself as ‘Morattu Single’

Balaji Murugadoss Valentines Day

We have already seen that Aari and Balaji Murugadosss became the winner and runner-up of the Bigg Boss season 4, which ended two weeks ago. At this point, the contestants continue to meet each other and renew their friendship even after the Bigg Boss show is over. It is also worth noting that all of the Big Boss contestants have been posting some comments from time to time on their social media pages.

In this case, the hashtags for Valentine’s Day have already gone viral in the wake of Valentine’s Day being celebrated by lovers around the world on February 14th. In this situation, Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss has made a post on his Twitter page lamenting, ‘February 14th is Valentine’s Day for everyone, but for us, it’s Murattu Singles day.’

This tweet by Balaji Murugadoss is currently going viral on social websites.


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