Bigg Boss OTT Voting Trends 18th August 2021: Prateek and These Two Contestants Lead the Eviction Voting Results?

bigg boss ott 18th august voting trends

Bigg Boss OTT kicks off with an electrifying nominations task in the second week. The first weekend saw the disappointing eviction of Urfi Javed. However, the limelight now shifts towards the crucial ‘Panchayat’ nominations task for this week’s eviction. Twelve contestants are fighting their way through this season to reach the finale.

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In the very first week, five contestants stamped their authority in the hearts of the audience. While Prateek and Shamita’s trends on social media during the very first week were fishy, the audience is loving this season of Bigg Boss OTT.

This week’s nomination will be crucial for three contestants including Karan. The audience is looking for strong performers and genuine personalities who can take a stand for themselves. Hence, Prateek, Akshara, Divya, Muskan, and Nishant are scoring well in terms of votes.

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Trends – Top 5 Contestants – 18th August 2021

  • Prateek
  • Shamita
  • Raqesh
  • Zeeshan
  • Divya

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Results – Bottom 3 Contestants – 18th August 2021

  • Karan
  • Milind
  • Neha

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Analysis and Elimination Updates

  • Prateek continues to dominate the voting results of Bigg Boss OTT. Social media is flooding with trends and support tweets for the vibrant contestant of this season.
  • Divya continues to gain votes in spite of her negative image in the house.
  • Ridhima is gaining screen coverage. However, her emotional turmoils pushed her a little out of the top 5 contestants for this week.
  • Zeeshan continues to be a level-headed player who can maintain composure. However, it is going to be tough for him to sustain this character.
  • Karan trailing the voting trends by a mile. His lack of direction and good heart might push him to the brink of elimination this week.
  • Akshara continues to bank on regional support. Her tussle with Shamita earned her some traction during the nominations task.
  • Muskan and Nishant are turning out to be a crackling pair with strong audience support. However, they have a significant competition to beat to enter the top 5.

Here is how you can vote for Bigg Boss OTT on the Voot app:

Step 1: Download the Voot app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: After downloading the Voot app, you need to log in by entering your email id or logging in through Facebook, Gmail login, or phone number.

Step 3: After successful login, enter the Bigg Boss Zone. Scroll down and select Vote Now in the Fu Zone to vote to make your favorite contestants safe in Bigg Boss OTT.



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