Bigg Boss OTT Voting Results 2nd September 2021: Who is the new Wild Card Entry and voting trends revealed


Things at Bigg Boss OTT are indeed Over the Top. The showrunners are keeping the contestants and audience at the edge of the seat. Just when things were getting a bit comfortable, they have introduced a Wild Card. This was a startling update, and the contestants were shocked.

Nia Sharma entered the glass house in full regalia, as music blasted and the contestants cheered. Then it was announced that she was the ‘Boss Lady’ and the contestants would have to impress her. The contestants had to immediately work with her, and had to put on her best face.

Bigg Boss OTT Wild Card Entry and Other Details Revealed

A massive fight broke out between Akshara and Neha with regard to Pratik. Both the women are the former and present connections with him. Akshara especially used horrible language and Neha has taken umbrage to that. It seems that the two women simply cannot make up.

Nia seemed to be most impressed with Neha, and gave her the maximum gold coins. She really made a mark in last night’s episode. But it seems that Neha is still angry with Akshara the two women seemed to have fallen out due to Pratik. The misunderstanding simply cannot be resolved anymore.

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Results

The contestants nominated for this week are:

  1. Divya Agarwal
  2. Akshara Singh
  3. Milind Gaba

According to reports Milind has the least number of votes. It seems with the arrival of the Wild card, his popularity has plummeted. The singer may leave the glass house this week.

In other news couple Shamita and Raqesh are becoming breakout stars of the show. Netizens and viewers just cannot get enough of their incredible chemistry and the bond that they have developed with each other. They have revealed their vulnerabilities and their feelings on camera making them even more likable. Let’s see how this duo will weather all the eliminations at Bigg Boss OTT!


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