Bigg Boss OTT 20th August 2021: Voting Trends Impacted by Captaincy Nominations, Second Eviction?

bigg boss ott 20th august eviction voting trends

Bigg Boss OTT featured an eventful episode on Thursday, as the second captaincy task was announced. After a controversial end to the ‘Panchayat task’, all the housemates are nominated for eliminations this week. After Urfi’s eviction last week, Bigg Boss OTT looks forward to the second eviction this week.

Amidst all the drama and fights, Raqesh and Shamita lost the opportunity to contest for becoming the ‘Boss Man’ and ‘Boss Lady’ this week. This week’s task for captaincy is an opportunity for Muskan and Nishant to fight for redemption.

The voting trends for the second elimination of Bigg Boss OTT enter a critical phase. With just two days left for the final voting results announcement, the popular contestants are dominating the show.

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Trends Week 2 Elimination – 20th August 2021

  • Divya Agarwal (Highest)
  • Pratik
  • Shamita
  • Ridhima
  • Akshara
  • Zeeshan
  • Raqesh
  • Milind
  • Nishanth
  • Neha
  • Muskan Jattana
  • Karan Nath (Least)

Bigg Boss OTT Boss Man and Boss Lady for This Week

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to nominated the housemates who do not deserve to become the captains – ‘Boss Man’ and ‘Boss Lady’. The contestants decided to choose Raqesh and Shamita to not take part in the task as they were the reason for everyone’s nomination.

  • The dominoes task starts off with much-needed enthusiasm and competitiveness. However, the judges of the task, Shamita and Raqesh face the tough challenge of assessing the dominoes and the initials.
  • Ridhima/Karan, Pratik/Akshara and were eliminated in the first round. However, the final round results in victory for Zeeshan and Divya.
  • Hence, Divya and Zeeshan are the new ‘Boss Lady’ and ‘Boss Man’ for the house respectively.

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Trends

  • Divya Agarwal cruises ahead of Prateek in this week’s voting trends. According to reports, her ‘Boss Lady’ triumph will boost her prospects to increase vote share over the top 4 contestants.
  • The bottom four contestants include Moose, Karan, Neha, and Nishanth. However, there are high chances of Karan’s eviction this week. Moose and Nishant are contributing in terms of TRP while Karan looks lost.
  • Neha and Karan will fight it out in the bottom two of eviction voting results for this week.


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