Bigg Boss Non Stop Winner and Voting Results leaked, check them out!!

BB NON Stop Winner

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has reached its finale and it looks like viewers are eager to watch which contestant will win the prized Bigg Boss Non Stop Season 1 trophy. Any guesses? Write down your ideas in your comments. Influencers on social media say that Bigg Boss contestant ‘AadaPuli’ Bindu Madhavi (winner candidate) could win the grand prize in the show. If those claims are true, it would be an exceptional achievement that Bindu Madhavi, of the season so far, would make in Telugu Bigg Boss.

Kaushal Manda, Winner of Big Boss Telugu Season 2, gave his Instagram shout-out prediction: Bindu Madhavi is likely to win. Insiders say he is currently in the lead. Her chances of winning the reality show appear high.

Discussing Bindu’s dominant performance in the Telugu version of Bigg Boss OTT, she has offered a steady effort without adding unnecessary complications. She stood strong when all the other contestants swarmed her at some point. Destroyed victims also acknowledged in Bigg Boss Non Stop buzz that Bindu carried through with no assistance.

Fans have been celebrating on social media with the name Bindu Madhavi after the title of Bigg Boss Non Stop.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Results

  • Bindu Madhavi- 82.6%
  • Akhil Sarthak- 81.5%
  • Baba Bhaskar- 78.2%
  • Ariyana- 75%
  • Shiva- 70.8%
  • Anil- 65%
  • Mitraaw- 56.4%

They are voting for their favorite contestant and asking for the crowd to vote for them by screaming, “Bigg Boss Non Stop” to draw attention. It is claimed that Bindu and Akhil have an equal score, but the opinion of the audience speaks the truth and, with a slight advantage, Bindu receives the trophy. If you want to check the preference of the crowd to competitors, well, they chose the best option!



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