Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Results: Two contestants to be eliminated this week

BB Telugu voting results

The Bigg Boss Non-Stop season is coming to an end soon. Fans are concerned about the interesting actions taking place on the show right now. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is heading to the end of the season, which is drawing in even more fans.

The contestants are competing for the top positions in the tasks in the finals, coming head to head after an intense one-hour debate with each other. Though Akhil and Bindu didn’t get into a dispute for the first time since they followed the program from the start, they didn’t begin arguing in this session. In the eighth week, the equations gradually change among the contestants.

There are presently six contestants who are still in the nomination, including Ariyana, Mitraaw, Anil, Natraj Master, Baba Bhaskar, Shiva, and Hamida. As revealed by Bigg Boss Non-Stop voting results on social media, Ariyana, Shiva, Anil, and Baba Bhaskar are in the safe zone, while Mitraaw and Hamida are in the danger zone.

According to reports circulating on the internet, Bigg Boss Non Stop makers planning for double eliminations in the upcoming week. It is believed that it is inching towards its conclusion, so the producers want to eliminate as many of their contenders as possible.

The majority of the viewers believe it’s very likely that both Mitraaw and Hamida will be evicted from the home. Bigg Boss Non-Stop organisers are planning a family gathering this week, which will occur from April 27th through April 29th. Stay tuned to The News Crunch to get insider info about the family week inside the Bigg Boss’ house.


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