Bigg Boss Non Stop voting results: This contestant is eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT Telugu

BB Non Stop Telugu voting results

The Bigg Boss non-stop was interrupted early on. The Bigg Boss show, which aired for 24 hours, suddenly stopped streaming live and shocked fans. Live streaming has been suspended due to technical glitches. Hotstar made it clear that it would resume streaming from midnight on Thursday.

Now the contestants entering the show are distributing enough entertainment to the audience. Fun, frustration, emotions, entertainment, crying, riots, riots .. all are shown like this. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with 17 new contestants competing with the former. Nominations were made, pointing out the mistakes of the Warriors (seniors) as if they were also declining in the nominations. This week, Sarayu, Nataraj Master, Ariana Glory, Hamida, Mumait Khan, Mitra Sharma and RJ Chaitu were nominated from the Warriors team.

Of the seven, Ariana and Hamida have a good following and will not even be on the verge of elimination. RJ Chaitu is likely to support many, including anchor Srimukhi and RJ Kajal. Mumtaz Khan also has a good fan base, so there are no records of her being eliminated.

The rest are Natarajan Master, Sarayu, Mitra Sharma. Of the three, Nataraj Master and Sarayu are getting support from the contestants for the fifth season of Bigg Boss. Also, many people think that if there is a master, there will also be some spice in the show. It seems that this calculation will save even the Nataraj master.

Saryu was eliminated in the first week of last season. If the audience gives her a chance to see her performance this time, she will stay at home too. There is not much introduction to the audience about Mitra Sharma. Among them, most of the nominations were delayed. She could not say directly what she wanted to say. Due to this hesitation, the Warriors unanimously nominated her. According to information heard on social media, Mitra Sharma received lesser votes. If the situation continues like this, it looks like Mitra Sharma will be eliminated in the first week.


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