Bigg Boss Non Stop Vote: 7th Week Voting Results Nominations List

bigg boss non stop 7th week elimination nominations list voting results

Bigg Boss Non Stop starts the seventh week with a ‘dirty’ open nominations task. The interesting sixth week of Bigg Boss Non Stop featured the shocking double eviction of Sravanthi and Mumaith from Bigg Boss Non Stop house. However, the limelight shifts to the seventh week elimination nominations this week. Eight contestants are nominated for eliminations this week.

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Bigg Boss Non Stop is gathering a enthralling momentum as it enters the seventh week of action. The arguments filled nominations task resulted in a mix of verbal duel, fights among the housemates facing the eviction danger in Bigg Boss Ultimate this week. A mixture of eight contestants are nominated this week.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Nominations List Week 7

  • Akhil
  • Ariyana
  • Natraj Master
  • Shiva
  • Bindhu
  • Mahesh
  • Mitraaw
  • Anil Rathod

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Results Week 7

The seventh week of nominations list for elimination is filled with a strong list of contestants unlike the previous weeks. The mud flowing nominations task resulted in cold wars which resulted in arguments between Bindu and Akhil.

  • Bindu and Akhil faced the pressure of nominations. Sravanthi was the last contestant to be evicted from the show. However, this week’s elimination will be decisive for Mahesh and Natraj.
  • Mitraaw survives her sixth week after six consecutive weeks in the danger zone elimination voting results.
  • Mahesh and Natraj enter the nominations task this week.
  • Natraj escaped eviction by a whisker last week but is safe in the nominations list task for this week.
  • The potential top 3 finalists, Bindu, Shiva and Akhil face off for the first time in nominations list after a long time.

On that note, there are no chances for a double elimination in Bigg Boss Non Stop this week. However, the seventh elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu could be the one who is targeted by the masses.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Vote Online Voting Results Week 7 Day 1

Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination list

  • Mumaith Khan
  • Shree Rapaka
  • RJ Chaitu
  • Sarayu
  • Tejaswi (Week 5)
  • Mumaith Khan (Week 6)
  • Sravanthi (Week 6)


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