Bigg Boss Non Stop Finale Week Voting Results: May 17th Online Vote Results Live Revealed!

bigg boss non stop finale week voting results

Bigg Boss Non Stop vote will complete its twelfth week as the top 7 finalists reach the finale week. The online voting list for 12th week (finale week) elimination in Bigg Boss Non Stop includes seven finalists after a scintillating fight. Ariyana faces elimination danger on the day 1 of voting in this finale week vote results. The title winner of Bigg Boss Non Stop will be Bindu and Shiva.

Anil and Baba Bhaskar form the finalists in danger ahead of the Grand finale week. The eviction of one of the finalists will take place this weekend. Natraj Master was the last eviction of Bigg Boss Non Stop. However, Rahul’s fans are voting for Shiva who is currently the top contender for the Bigg Boss Non Stop title winner. The voting results will be influenced by the audience’s ability to connect with a deserving finalist.Hence, the focus shifts to the week 12 elimination voting results which indicates elimination danger for Ariyana and Anil.

Bindu and Shiva are leading the voting results race from the first day of finale week voting.There are multiple chances of Anil or Ariyana’s elimination this week. Akhila and Shiva share a minuscule vote share difference.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Unofficial Voting Week 12 – Bigg Boss Non Stop Online Voting Results Finale Week

Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu Nominations List – Elimination Week 12 – Voting Results

  • Anil
  • Akhil
  • Bindu
  • Mitraaw
  • Baba Bhaskar
  • Ariyana
  • Shiva

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Result Percentage for 12th Week – 17th May 2022 Poll Results

    • Anil – 10% vote share
    • Akhil – 19% vote share
    • Bindu – 22% vote share
    • Mitraaw – 17% vote share
    • Baba Bhaskar – 10% vote share
    • Ariyana – 9% vote share
    • Shiva – 13% vote share

Bigg Boss Non Stop Finale Week 12 Online Voting Trends & Analysis – Day 2 – 17th May 2022

  • Shiva enters the top three as he displaces Anil with a major vote share increase on day 2 of voting.
  • The five finalists battle it out in the finale week 1 voting as Raju is in the top position by a huge difference despite his lack of connect over the last few weeks.
  • Priyanka gained massive traction after patching up with Niroop and it looks like the famous anchor will settle for runner up position.
  • Bindu leads the finale week 12 voting results by a splendid difference. Her loyal fan base and Thamarai’s fan support is making him a clear winner already.
  • Anil slips to fourth position as she enters the danger zone with Ariyana. However, her fan clubs will strive to pull her out of danger in a crucial four days of voting.
  • Ariyana and Anil are bottom two in the vote share in some of the unofficial polls on day 2 of voting.
  • BIndu and Akhil are the potential winner and runner-ups after a massive wave of support flowing towards their vote bank.
  • Baba Bhaskar and Ariyana are the bottom placed contestants in eviction voting results of week 15 and it will go down to the last minute of voting. However, Amir is the potential elimination.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Online Voting Result Today 17th May 2022 Live – Bigg boss Non Stop Unofficial voting poll

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Methods

There are two voting methods by which the viewers can cast votes for their favorite contestant. One is an Hostar App Voting, and the other is by Missed Call Voting.

The step-by-step procedure on “How to Vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Online through Hotstar?” has given below. The contestants who fail in convincing the audience may eliminate from the show.

How to Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Online on Hotstar App

For your queries on “How to Vote for Bigg Boss Tamil?” below are the answers:

  • Download Hotstar App from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Create or login to your account on Hotstar App
  • Search for ‘Bigg Boss’ using the search box on the top right.
  • Select the Bigg Boss Non Stop show banner.
  • Now, you will find a Voting option below the latest Bigg Boss Tamil video
  • Click the Vote button to cast your votes
  • Images of Nominated contestants will appear on the screen
  • Tap on your favorite contestant and split your votes
  • You can vote a maximum of 10 votes a day (Voting closes at midnight)

Missed Call Numbers for Bigg Boss Non Stop Contestants – Vote for your favourite BB Non Stop Contestant via Missed Calls (Week 12 Eviction)

Also, the missed call voting can be done with the < firm>Missed Call Numbers provided for each contestant. To vote for your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile number. A maximum of 10 calls per number is counted for a week, and the calls after that will not be considered for voting. You can vote for your favorite contestant by giving a missed call to the number.


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