Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination: Shiva is Captain, This Contestant is Evicted in Week 7

bigg boss non stop 7th week elimination vote results

Bigg Boss Non Stop completes its seventh week amidst the massive arguments and a gripping captaincy task. The seventh week elimination nominations list features Bindu, Akhil and six other contestants. The voting results battle went down to the wire with Anil and Mahesh Vitta facing eviction danger.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Seventh Eviction Update (Week 7)

Mitraaw Sharma faced with consecutive nominations but her performances lifted her into safe zone. There are multiple speculations about the shocking elimination in the seventh week. Anil and Mahesh are in the bottom two this week. However, Mahesh was in the bottom slot with a huge gap over Anil. However, the official update on the seventh eviction indicates safety for Natraj, Shiva, Ariyana, Bindu and Akhil.

Mahesh Vitta is the seventh elimination of Bigg Boss Non Stop. However, Natraj’s survival is subjected to his performances in the upcoming week. Shiva will be safe from the eighth week nominations, thanks to his captaincy. Ariyana is also building a connect with the audience and the negative branding by fellow contestants might work in her favor.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Week 8 Captaincy Task Winner

Shiva won the captaincy task this week. As a result, Shiva is safe from the nominations list for week 5 eviction. Baba Bhaskar will enter the Bigg Boss Non stop house as a wildcard entry this weekend.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination List

  • Mumaith Khan (Week 1)
  • Shree Rapaka (Week 2)
  • RJ Chaithu (Week 3)
  • Sarayu (Week 4)
  • Tejaswi (Week 5)
  • Shravanthi (Week 6)
  • Mahesh Vitta (Week 7)


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